Sunday, 28 December 2008

One year of blogging.

I can't believe I've been blogging for exactly one year now, what on earth have I been rambling on about all this time! I guess this entry is just to say thanks to all my readers and that I probably wouldn't blog if I didn't think anybody was reading! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

Monday, 22 December 2008

Double Twilight Review - Book & Film.

Welcome to my double review on the Twilight book and film. I'll warn you now that it's going to be pretty long with lots of spoilers. Also, it's taken me days to get this finished, I think I had typed about two pages of my blog before thinking that it was better to split it all into sections and edit down!

The Main Characters
Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. I thought the chemistry between both actors was perfect and I truly couldn't think of other people playing their roles. However, there are moments in the film where they both seem genuinely embarrassed about something. I didn't think this was part of the acting at all but I liked it because from reading the book, there is a bit of awkwardness between the two characters at first. I instantly took a shine to Kristen Stewart (who plays Bella) because I thought she was a brilliant when she played Jodie Foster's diabetic daughter in 'Panic Room' in 2002.I have often read in other reviews that Kristen Stewart's portrayal of Bella in the film was 'dead and dull', but I really disagree because I felt that her personality wasn't supposed to be upbeat or happy-happy. Her voice was quite monotone, but it completely suited the character. I also thought she looked like the Bella I had in my head, she wasn't the conventional beauty, but I found her quite striking.Robert Pattinson played Edward Cullen, the 'vegetarian' vampire who falls in love with Bella. He can hear the thoughts of everyone around him, apart from Bella's. I see this as the foundation that makes Edward curious and the reasons why he asks her so many questions about her life (mainly in the book), so he can at least predict what she is thinking, rather then trying to hear them! - If you are interested in Edward's version, check out Midnight Sun, the fifth installment which is 'Twilight' told again but from Edward Cullen's point of view. You can read the first (very rough) 12 chapters on Stephenie Meyer's website and reasons for why it's available to read.

Vampire Characteristics
I was glad that Stephenie Meyer did not fall under the typical cliches of vampire characteristics. There was no sign of any garlic, or Cross allergy, or death by sunlight... this was all explained in the book. It was also mentioned and mocked at by Edward Cullen in the film, which does remind the viewer that they are watching a modern vampire film. However, another part of my mind then wonders if avoiding the cliche, is a cliche in itself? Anyway, I wanted to mention that instead of exploding or melting in sunlight, the Twilight vampires simply, sparkle. I loved reading Stephenie Meyer's description of this, so I was a bit disappointed when it looked like they sprinkled glitter on Robert Pattinson's face and shone light at it from all angles. I suppose this is something I can forget, because it was a low budget film... but I was expecting something so much more amazing. This part of the film is also part of the meadow scene, which is such a crucial part of the story as it truly shows the blossoming of the relationship...there were several pages of this in the book but it was cut very short in the film and with extended, unneccessary cinematography.

Edward Cullen's ability to read minds comes from his human ability of empathy. I loved how Stephenie Meyer continued a certain flair from each character, which makes each one very individual, whether it is an advanced ability, or an emphasis in personality. As a human, Alice was put in an asylum for having premonitions, which is the reason why she is able to see the future as a vampire, Carlisle is compassionate, Esme is motherly, Rosalie is outrageously beautiful, Emmett is the strongest vampire in the family and Jasper has the ability to manipulate emotions.

Missing Scenes
There was quite a lot of scenes from the book that I really wanted to see on screen... and would have also given the film more depth and substance. For example, the film did not include the blood typing lesson, which Bella attends alone after having a very informative lunch with Edward (another missing scene). She passes out after seeing Mike's pricked finger to which he then takes her to the Nurse. Bella stops to rest on an outside bench and Edward appears. There is some chit chat between him and Mike, and he promptly picks her up and carries her to the Nurse. I felt this was a part of the book that would further emphasize Bella's fragility, Edward's protectiveness and Mike's fascination with Bella. In the book, it is clear that Mike is extremely fascinated with Bella, but I didn't really get the same feeling watching the film.

Another part that I would have liked to see is when they are in the dark classroom, having to sit through an hour watching a video and there is clearly a lot of sexual tension arising. I think that would have been as funny as the part when Edward first smells Bella which was a very humorous scene!

Added Scene
Just a small thing I noticed in the film that I don't remember in the book - Edward is talking to Bella in the canteen, an apple rolls off the counter, Edward kicks it up with his foot and holds it in the palm of both hands - thus making reference to the book cover. I quite liked that!

The Ending
By the time the film reaches the end, there is finally some vampire action, and the film suddenly felt 'darker', because admittedly, I giggled the whole way through. For the 12A movie rating, I could understand why they couldn't necessarily show the vampires ripping James apart and burning his remains but then I think back to programs such as Angel, where fight scenes are great and convincing without being too gruesome for a younger audience. I also think James (played by Cam Gigandet) got defeated a bit too easily in the film. Because the book is narrated by Bella, we don't really know what happened in detail, so this scene didn't have many limits. Laurent describes James as being “absolutely lethal…with a brilliant mind and unparalleled senses...", so I expected the fight to last a lot longer. He doesn't seem to have a brilliant mind being beaten after 2 minutes but he does get what he wants - to bite Bella. Which leads me on to when Edward has to suck the venom out of her to stop her from becoming a vampire, but to also stop himself from biting her afterwards! The audience was in hysterics.However, despite James being defeated so quickly, I really liked the whole set up of the ballet studio. I also loved the prom scene when they are dancing alone, it was when I really started to take the film a bit more seriously as you can almost see that they are really in love! I wasn't impressed with what Bella was wearing though (an unflattering, un-waisted, royal blue tiered dress), but her vintage-looking cardigan made up for it.Final Note
I think everyone needs to remember (especially myself!) that the film was low budget with no expectations, no CGI, and no amazing stylists or hair and make up teams! So I think they did a pretty good job! The first vampire book-translated-on-screen that I think of is 'Interview with a Vampire'. I never read the book but it was a big budget film with established actors, so I have high hopes for the Twilight sequel, 'New Moon', to be really, really, good and to hopefully feature more of the Cullen family and the stories behind each one.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

The Third Weekend Later.

On the 22nd and the 23rd weekend of November, I had completed a dress to sell in my Etsy Shop. I then promised myself to try and complete something each weekend, which you can read about here. I then went on to skip the following weekend as I was away from home, I have no idea what happened the weekend after that, but luckily, I got back on track, and finished this ivory crushed velvet and tulle top!It started off being entirely experimental. I had recently bought some polka dot tulle and wanted to incorporate it with my ivory crushed velvet fabric.I knew I wanted something quite girly and flirty... so while I was redoing my pattern pieces, I decided to scoop out a substantial amount of the back and to have it in tulle! I think I might try making it in black this weekend. I will also be listing it in my Etsy Shop some time soon.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008


I've recently noticed that I have become a little over-prepared for 2009! I got a new calendar which you can read about here, but now I also have a pocket sized planner! Everything I write on my calendar, I'll write in here, and vice versa. Talk about organisation!If you've been following my blog, you will quickly realise how much I love art... and I wanted my planner to have some art! I came across this Gustav Klimt 2009 planner and knew it was The One. I don't remember studying about this artist at college but the name, and art style is so familiar, so maybe I did? Maybe I wasn't so interested in it at the time? I am now! I bought it straight away (on eBay), not even knowing how much art would be inside, but when I got it, I was very happy! There is a piece of artwork every three weeks or so and I couldn't help but check some of them out straight away! Here's a peek!This one is called 'Judith and Holofernes', I actually find it very modern for something painted in 1901 as it looks almost like a high-fashion shot! Gustav Klimt uses women to dominate a lot of his paintings which I noticed right away in this one, I hardly even saw the male head in the corner! This painting is based on The Old Testament heroine, Judith, who saves the city of Bethulia from the Assyrians and holds the head of Holofernes. I have never heard of this story before, but I love it! Next up is 'Beethoven Frieze -Yearning for Happiness'. This is one portion out of three which decorated three walls for an exhibition in celebration of the composer....and just one more (although there are so many more beautiful paintings in my planner!), 'Hope II'. It was painted in 1907/08 and is an example of his use of gold leaf. I would really love to see the real thing. I love how so many images are moulded into one such as those three female faces at the bottom, blended right into the cloak.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Book Review - Twilight.

Firstly, this isn't really a review (sorry), because I'm going to watch the film when it is released on Friday and thought it would be more exciting to make a side by side comparison, while it is all fresh in my head... but wow. Honestly, this book was amazing. I read almost 500 pages in about 10 hours, within 3 days, I just couldn't keep away from it and I even ended up dreaming about it each night! The last time I was this hooked on a book was a long time ago, when I read The Historian... and funnily enough, they both have a connection, they're both about vampires.

I actually first read about Twilight (the film) in a newspaper way back in August, the advertisement caught my eye and I knew it would be something dark and wonderful! I then skimmed through the paragraph and as soon as I saw the word 'vampire', I was very very interested. They also mentioned the book, so I thought I would read the book first as it was still quite a while until the film was released. I bought the book, and even blogged about it here... but then I forgot about it. A while later, I saw the film trailer, and it provoked me to finally start reading my book... and when I started, I was annoyed I'd left it for so long! Here is the film trailer being shown in the UK!

Having seen the trailer, I had an idea of what the characters looked like, so as I read the book, I could easily put faces to them... although some I am not so keen on. However, I will leave all of that for my film review, where I will not be holding back at all! Also, I remember my little sister going on about a band called Paramore being absolutely amazing a few months back but I never really paid attention... until I heard their song 'Decode' which is on the official soundtrack for Twilight. It is so damn good! I love their video too, which shows other scenes from the film... although at this rate, I think I am spoiling the film for myself but I really can't wait!

Saturday, 13 December 2008


TheGoldBug is a fellow Etsy seller whom I have recently purchased a necklace from. I came across her shop through my new little obsession called Pounce. Pounce is a clever little 'machine' on Etsy, where each time you 'pounce', an item that has just sold is shown. I love using this to find Etsy shops that I haven't had the chance to come across yet... it is very addictive and you are prone to impulse buying!Back to my necklace! TheGoldBug creates the most beautiful pieces and when I spotted her discount offer (a Thanksgiving sale), and found something I wanted, I had no choice but to get it! I got her 'Sparrow Jewels' necklace which is just so pretty and I love how it embellishes my collar bones.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Goodbye Gazette du Bon Ton, Hello Erté, again.

In 2007, I had a beautiful Erté calendar, then I bought a Gazette Du Bon Ton one for 2008 (in May, which is too late!) and you can read about my transition here.
If you clicked on that link (and read my entry), you will know that the December artwork was my favourite, and of course, here we are in December with an illustration by George Barbier in 1924. I always get this style of wall calendars (artwork on the top, dates on the bottom) because it gives me room to write things and the artwork is big, clear and beautiful! ... but, there is a huge, massive, colossal, gigantic, enormous, calendar design fault. The hole that is used to hang off a nail, is going right through the artwork, it drives me bonkers. (...I've also just realised while typing this that it seems like my December girl is embracing the fault!)

If I wasn't in the creative field, I probably wouldn't even notice it, but don't you hate noticing things you wish you didn't?! I will still keep the artwork regardless, though. (Which is what I usually do with all my old calendars.)
So, it's coming up to 2009 and there's no way I'm getting it almost half way through the year again so I have bought myself another Erté one!

It's in the exact same wall calendar style but this time with different artwork. I don't think I would've bought it if it was the same and would've gone for the much desired Gil Evren Pin-Ups one instead, which is what I've wanted for the past three years but I am obsessively loyal to all things 1920s... and one last thing, I can't wait to reach the October one!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

7 facts - Part II.

A teeny tiny littlebird has asked me to reveal 7 random facts about myself! Although I love reading these about other fellow bloggers, I always feel mine are so boring in comparison (this one was my last, and first one) so to make it easier for myself this time, I thought I'd go by the things I loved.

1) I love jacket potato with cheese and beans, although I probably have it way too often.
2) I love singing, but unfortunately can't sing to save my life.
3) I love (almost obsessed) with anything to do with Vampires.
4) I love After-Eight Mint Chocolates and Terry's Chocolate Orange. I am still so impressed at the orange segment idea of the latter!
5) I love 80's music... which is what I also said in my first '7 random facts', gosh, I must really love it!
6) I love all shades of blue.
7) I love Ancient Greek Mythology.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

New ACEOs.

You only need to visit this link to see how crazy I am about collecting ACEOs. I've been interested in them for a while now, and my collection is getting bigger and bigger. They're simply pieces or art where the only rule is that they measure 2.5" x 3.5". I love the pocket size concept of it, which I assume has sprouted from my childhood love of competitively collecting Marvel and other Superhero cards with my older brother. I guess you can say that collecting ACEOs is the 'grown-up' version of this?Anyway, I recently received my latest purchase of ACEOs which I was incredibly excited about! I bought these lovelies from fellow Etsy seller The Brilliant Magpie who is actually someone I have already blogged about all the way back in January, you can read all about it here. She created the most beautiful original ACEOs, but unfortunately out of my spending range... so when I read that she was to start offering Limited Edition print versions of them on her blog, I jumped straight in!
I specifically love her art because a lot of it is 1920's inspired (my favourite decade) and I feel like each piece tells a story, it's very dramatic, and I love it! I adore my new ACEOs and will definitely be getting many many more! I must also make a point of her 'What's behind the Mask' illustration which you can see below on the right. It was this image in her avatar that I saw floating around on the Etsy forums that made me curious as the character and I just had to click into her shop.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

We Make London.

'We Make London' showcases the talents of independent UK designers and there will be an event in London on Saturday 6th December 2008 where you are able to personally meet the designers and purchase from them.It is being held in a great location, pretty much in the heart of London, at The American Church - 79a Tottenham Court Road. Nearest station is Goodge Street... and the event starts from 11am-5pm.
I'm really hoping I can go to it and get some Christmas presents sorted! To see previews of the designers, you can visit the We Make London Blog. I would also like to introduce fellow Etsy seller Ei!kumpel, who is also a Fashion, Design and Lifestyle Team-mate and will be participating at the event! She creates the most delicious felt items, my most favourite must be her pretend food!I wish her all the luck at the event and possibly even bring her a hot cup of tea... I can't describe how cold it has been in London!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Another Weekend, Another Dress.

I have been finding it harder and harder to find free time to make things for my Etsy Shop... which is due to being on an intense fashion internship, where I am actually working from 9am to about 7pm (even though 'home-time' is at 5:30, but I stay until I finish what I'm doing because I love it so much!)... and then it takes me about an hour to get home, then when I do, I am absolutely exhausted!
So, I decided to spend my weekends concentrating mainly on the clothing sector of my Etsy shop, which was becoming a bit neglected, and to at least finish one garment each time.

So far, it has been going quite well, and the 'Womenswear' section of my Etsy Shop, has now grown from 1 to 4! The weekend just gone, I finished this blue, plaid georgette tunic dress. It's short enough to be a top, but just about long enough to be a dress, which you would need to wear with thick tights or leggings! This one was quite easy to do as I had already made one for myself and it is quite a simple shape which is what I love so much about it, because I can wear it loose, or with a belt/piece of ribbon.

Unfortunately, I am away from home this weekend so won't be able to finish anything... which is such a shame as I recently bought some beautiful black crushed velvet fabric, and black polka dot tulle! I wanted to make some 'little black dresses', which I know is such a cliche, but I always end up wearing one when I can't find anything else to wear. So, because I only make things that I would use myself, I thought it would be important to include some in my shop, which is pretty much a reflection of my own, personal taste.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

My New Aurora Borealis Necklace.

If you've been following my steady purchase of vintage jewellery, I have yet another piece to add! It is from a fellow Etsy seller (who just happens to also have the sweetest name), poppylou.It is all the way from Canada and arrived a few days ago. It is such a perfect vintage piece in a choker style and fits so beautifully around my neck. I have also mentioned before how much I love aurora-borealis, so this was definitely a must-have! This item instantly dresses up anything I wear, which is perfect for me as I tend to buy clothing (dresses) that is versatile enough for me to wear day or night - so having an accessory that helps me with this is even better.

Friday, 21 November 2008

James Bond - Quantum of Solace.

I watched this a few weeks ago, shortly after it was released, and thought it was brilliant! There was action straight from the start and I loved the opening. Ever since I was very young, I always enjoyed watching the opening sequence, with the silhouettes of women dancing and slinking around in a juxtaposition of shapes and colours and so many more exciting things going on. I think it just reminded me of a high-fashion photoshoot! With Quantum of Solace, I wasn't sure if it would be the same as for the first few minutes, you only see Daniel Craig walking around on a desert. But then amazingly, you start seeing huge, moving female sand figures rising up from the desert and provoking him to fall over which is actually quite funny when I think about it.
I've also always loved the theme songs and for Quantum of Solace, it's a song called 'Another way to die' and is written by Jack White from The White Stripes which he performs with Alicia Keyes, I thought it was great, and really edgy, with a great video, which you can watch below! (Don't have your volume on too loud, because it's quite a loud start!)
However, my most favourite James Bond song is 'Live and Let Die', although 'Another way to die' does come a close second.
I'm not going to write much about the film, I think you just have to watch it, I don't need to convince you! The new Bond Girl, Olga Kurylenko was perfect for the role, and it was refreshing that she wasn't such a cliche. It was almost as if she had a story of her own in the film, she wasn't just a 'Bond Girl'. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a spin-off film about her.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008


I was recently invited and signed up to Cocosa, " invitation-only fashion destination offering members to exclusive private sales of luxury brands...". It is still very new but a very slick site! The images of garments and accessories are all very clear, so if you like your luxury brands and also like a good, and extremely heavy discount from the original price, Cocosa is a wonderful place to go. Because it is invitation only, you can become a member if you enter 'nuvonova' into the 'I've been invited' box... this is only available until the 28th November 2008, after that, you will need to find someone else who has an invite code, or you will need to go on the waiting list!
As it is still new, I feel the site is still missing a lot of content, but I can definitely see it heading towards being a fantastic virtual sample sale destination - so you don't have to put up with the freezing cold if you're after sample sales in London! The site also has an amusing countdown timer for when new garments for a specific brand is being launched, and how long left you have to buy. Again, this has a similar concept as samples sales do, as of course, they're always only on for a couple of days, sometimes just one day, and sometimes just the one day that you can't do!

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Busy Bee.

It seems that my advent calender pouches have been a hit for the Christmas run up and I've been busy making several sets! I think this is the longest time I have gone without blogging! So, I thought I'd give you all a sneak preview of two dresses I had been working on. I am so pleased with them, and should hopefully be putting them up for sale some time soon, along with the blouse in my previous entry!
The dress below is made from a hot pink crepe-de-chine fabric. The longest part of it was actually the bow, I played around with so many different ideas as I didn't want a traditionally tied bow.

So, I decided to incorporate my amazing button covering skills and embellished the bow with self-covered ones!
I was so happy with this dress design, which has a very deep scoop back (1920's influenced) that I attempted another with champagne coloured crushed velvet...

... and although it was tricky to sew, completely setting of my hayfever and sparking off a series of sneezes and a runny nose, I adored the outcome! I intend to do a black crushed velvet version too. I'd also love to read your suggestions for other colours this dress could look pretty in, maybe contrasting bow and contrasting buttons?!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

What I did with my lace.

I published a blog entry a month ago about my sudden urge to buy lots of lace, and this is the first thing I used it on!I had made a sleeveless blouse out of taupe crepe-de-chine fabric that I had sourced from a very small, discreet fabric store (they always have the best things!) and it just had the sweetest irregular-shaped polka dots! I was ready to sell it in my Etsy shop but when I had bought the lace trimmings, I thought a particular piece could look really sweet on my blouse. As I'm very much a bow-loving person, I instantly used it as a decorative bow and I love the look of it! It will be available in my Etsy shop (once I get round to making labels and taking more photos of it!), along with some other garments I have been working on and incredibly excited about!

Sunday, 2 November 2008


So, you've seen some of my vintage jewellery pieces, but my collecting doesn't stop there, it branches out into cameos! I've been collecting cameos for a few years now, I don't mind if they aren't the traditional, shell-carved type, I just love the whole idea of a beautiful image being intricately carved into a piece of material, Here are some of my favourites!
These four Gibson Girl cameos are so cute, I found the rhinestones acting as a necklace very sweet!

I also love the majority of the carved subjects; usually Greek or Roman mythology... which is actually where a lot of cameos originally derived from. Here are some of my Roman soldier cameos! Some are also called intaglios, where the image is literally carved into the material, so that the background is raised higher.

... I've come across very unique cameo-inspired cabochons also, such as these gunmetal ones with a simple outline of a woman's profile.

Instead of just collecting the cabs (which I have been designing jewellery around and hopefully my father can make it all up for me one day!)...I've also been looking at other things that have cameos, and my most recent purchase has been this little trinket box with Athena at the front. (Well, I like to think it's Athena!)

I'd love to own one of those really really intricate shell cameos such as this outstandingly beautiful Medusa one, made in 1880 and set in a hand carved jet frame. Wow!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

MOSCHINO Sample Sale 2008 - London / UK

Sample sale tomorrow, Wednesday 29th October 2008 - 30th October 2008, 10am-6pm at the Conduit Street boutique... just off Oxford Street.
Sorry, forgot to publish this blog entry sooner!... along with one of my favourite Moschino perfume advertisements that I always found so striking!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

August Rush.

I've been subscribed to LOVEFiLM for a while now... and had been thinking of ending my subscription as I was struggling with watching them as fast as I used to, therefore didn't feel like I was making full use of the £13/$26 monthly payment for unlimited DVDs!

...but then, a film I'd wanted to watch at the cinema was posted to me. August Rush. I'm glad I didn't watch it at the cinema, because it definitely falls under my 'too-cosy-to-watch-at-the-cinema' category.
I was quite impressed at how good it was... it was almost, magical... and I highly recommend it.

It stars Freddie Highmore, who is a really really good child actor. You may know him as Charlie, from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Spiderwick Chronicles.

He plays an orphan who believes his parents are still alive and are communicating with him through music. This is what I mean about it being 'magical' but without it being far-fetched. Well, some people could see it as being outrageously far-fetched, but I completely believed it all until the credits came rolling up and I snapped back into reality.

The film also stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Keri Russell. I found it a bit strange seeing Jonathan Rhys Meyers speaking in his own Irish accent, when I had previously been watching him a lot as King Henry VIII in The Tudors. I haven't seen many films with Keri Russell but I find her so beautiful and endearing to watch.

I have decided to hang on a bit longer to my subscription as I still have a few more films I'd really love to watch.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Secret Sample Sale - London, UK.

Just letting all you Londoners know that there is a 'secret sample sale' at the Old Truman Brewery at Brick Lane. It started today (which was for members-only anyway) and open to the public tomorrow until Sunday 26th October 2008. I went there today while helping to transport some garments for the fashion brand I am currently interning at and gosh there is a LOT of clothes! ... very heavily discounted too. I just wish each brand was presented in seperate booths, rather than rows of rails... but I am an impatient shopper and can't ever be bothered to search, so good luck to whoever decides to go!... and wrap up warmly, it's freezing inside!

Here is the not-so-secret website with all the information, and it's probably worth signing up to if you want to know about future dates:

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

From Shabby to Chic.

I previously blogged about revamping my tote bag photos a few days ago which are for sale in my Etsy Shop but I also managed to do something else thanks to a Fashion Design internship I am currently on (but not the one that gave me these buttons, this is a new one!)... they were doing a clear out and they had a stand where the pole wasn't secure in the base (all it needed was a nail) and they were actually going to throw it away, but I was quick to ask for it and they were happy to give it to me! So as well as revamping the photos of the bags, I was also able to revamp the photo of the one being modelled on a dummy, and my my my, isn't it an improvement!
From shabby, on a horrible, weird-busted adjustable dummy (that I couldn't even pin anything on to) that I bought when I first started my Fashion Design degree 4 years ago and thought it was amazing at the time... a wonderfully chic looking stand, which compliments all the white furniture I already have in my room and blends in beautifully. I also added a little bow-tie, for sweetness!

My aim however, is to one day own a Kennett & Lindsell stand, they are the Kings and Queens of tailor's dummy's... and also, just a little fact, you can get your own measurements made as a dummy. I found this out at a Fashion internship I was at (today was my last day there actually) and thought it was amazing, and hilarious when I saw an example in the studio, it even had a bottom, and stand's are usually bottomless!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Changing the buttons.

I think personalising your clothing, or changing it some way is so important if you're shopping on the high street, and you are most certainly bound to see someone else wearing it... don't you hate when that happens?
Anyway, I had bought a black, Victorian-esque coat many months ago when it was on sale at a Miss Selfridge shop. It was on the rail for £18/$36, discounted from £38/$76... but when I took it to the till, it ended up just being £10/$20. Now don't you LOVE when that happens! I instantly noticed that the buttons needed to go, but as I didn't need to wear it (it was still Summer), it quickly got buried away.. now I am freezing in the UK, I have popped it out!

I have been interning at various Fashion Design companies now, and my most recent one was happy to give me some of the beautiful buttons I was working with, to use on my coat! Besides gaining experience that I would never have learnt about at University, this must be the second best thing about internships, all the freebies! I have always got lovely things, I even got my mother about 10 dresses, 6 skirts, 12 tops and a pair of trousers when interning at a multiple retail Womenswear brand. It was amazing! They had a special rail that you could take from, so first come first serve!

I loved how they looked when I finished sewing them on, and actually, I've decided to have it as my 'night time coat' where it can shimmer and flicker in the dark! I don't think it's glamourous enough to be called an 'evening coat', but it will have to do for now!

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Improving photos.

Since I first started making tote bags to sell in my Etsy shop, I'd always found it quite difficult taking nice, clear, sharp photos of them which was starting to hit a nerve, so I decided to revamp them all. I started with the Tea Green photos and I am so so happy with how they have turned out! Here are some of the changes I made:

I had always made a mess of the colour when photographing, until I found the White Balance option I thought I didn't have on my camera! Also, I would get my little sister to help hold the handles up while I took the photos, but now, I actually much prefer them sitting in their natural position.

Getting a photo of the inside of the bags were a pain, and I wonder what I was thinking when I used my own handmade books to act as a point of scale, which obviously wouldn't, as nobody knows what size my books are! My new one now shows actual novels in the inside pockets.

I wanted to show how much you could put in the bag, and using my handmade books was not exactly the best way! So I put my big Fashion books in, which in comparison to the novels, should make size very clear.

... and of course, an inside shot is important, which I didn't originally have at all. Overall, I think there is a bit of tweaking I could still do, but I'm glad I've managed to find a way of taking good photos of my bags now, it makes me want to make more! Also, I can photograph them all by myself, I don't have to rely on my sister being here to help hold the handles, which I'm sure she's happy with too! The only thing I have left that I want to include, is a photo of it being modelled, that's going to be a tricky one!

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Embellishment. Part II.

You may remember this blog entry here about embellishing my own fashion illustration as notecards, with jet crystals.I enjoyed doing it so much as it was actually really therapeutic just sitting there having to apply each crystal one by one, that I did it again!This time I did a mixture of jet, hematite and my favourite, aurora borealis crystals! After completing the embellishments, I finished them off by keeping them together with some black grosgrain ribbon. These new version notecards are available here.