Thursday, 3 January 2008

Computer games aren't just for boys.

Ever since I was very very young, I have loved computer games. Chun Li was always my favourite when I played Street Fighter and nagged my mother to take me to gymnastic sessions so I could flip and jump around like she did. I played all the games that were popular, including Sonic the Hedghog and Marioland. The latter took up most of my childhood and I was ecstatic when 3D versions were introduced! Game consoles are slowly becoming more girl-friendly, and was very happy to receive a pink GameboyAdvance from my boyfriend for one of my birthdays.

I've never met other females who also enjoys playing computer games or has any interest at all in them, so stumbling upon a shop on Etsy (on a UK seller chat thread) where there were these wonderful beaded pieces of jewellery depicting Marioland characters was quite a surprise!...and from the moment I started this blog, I knew I'd have to talk about it. I slowly began finding more of these video game accessories and with a little help from spugmeistress, I have been able to do a small compilation of these Etsians!

Whenever I played Marioland, I was really into it, I mean, REALLY into it ... I'd get so upset if I got really far into the game and died! I remember my health bar , and getting nervous if I clumsily ran into an enemy and it would drop down... then having to quickly hope I could find a heart somewhere to get it back up again! .. or even better, a mushroom (ottermoondesigns) to make me bigger! Then I'd find a flashing star (spugmeistress), taking full advantage of it and charging through the entire level.

I also came across space invaders items, I loved that game! KMCdesigns has a great space invaders wallet. I even found a space invaders scarf by wildcatdesigns.

Now that I am older, I must admit that I am moving towards a more 'sophisticated' type of game, I have thoroughly enjoyed playing the amazing game 'Oblivion', 'Final Fantasy' and currently playing 'Guild Wars', where I spent a ridiculous amount of time deciding a name for my character, what her face would look like, what hairstyle she would have and quickly completing missions and collating materials to make her a fabulous dress, not to forget a red dye to further enhance it!

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