Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Digital Fashion.

I recently made more of my fashion illustrations into ACEOs, and very pleased with the outcome. They look so cute in such a small scale! They were originally designed for a University project which required you to combine two fashion brands together, which in turn, produced a fashion collection that had elements from both brands.
It was mandatory to use Aquascutum (pronounced Ak-wa-skew-tum), as one out of the two head designers had previously graduated from my University and was coming to judge the designs. For the second brand, I chose Moschino, (pronounced Mos-keeno, not Mosh-eeno, if you please!) firstly because I did a 2 month internship with them when I was 20 (wonderful experience!) therefore I completely understood the style, and also because it had been my favourite brand since I was a child.
I firstly developed a fabric board of ideas. If you know of Moschino, you know that it's a very cheeky, kooky brand, so I wanted to mix different (vintage) fabrics together, applied some heart shaped embroideries (the brand often uses hearts and bows) and I even made a quilted teapot!.. My design style is very similar to Moschino, so it was just as if I was personally collaborating with Aquascutum!
So, these are the results of the project! .. This is the first time I experimented with collaging my drawn designs onto an actual model and then digitally engineering it instead of illustrating my own 'girls'. As I was designing for two real brands, I wanted my illustrations to be 'real' and to have a fun photoshoot vibe to them. My designs are frivolous with cheeky detailing such as a little quilted heart (see above) and instead of real collars, I decided for a collar shape to be embroidered (which I embroidered and scanned in so you can see the texture), subconsciously inspired by Trompe-l'œil! I kept to Aquascutum's brand values by including traditional garment details, such as peter pan collars, lapels, and storm flaps (the red embroidered section below), all present in Aquascutum's design philosophy.
So there you have it, there are a total of four illustrations and they will be on sale in my Etsy shop in ACEO format and soon, larger prints!
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