Friday, 4 January 2008

Etsy purchases and ACEOs.

When I found Etsy, it was something I'd always been looking for but never knew it! So, I thought it would be nice to share the things I have purchased so far.

Firstly, I noticed a lot of art selling, and a lot of it was definitely pleasing to my eye, but many I noticed, were labelled as ACEOs.. I had no idea what this was so skipped it.. but it kept coming up more and more on artwork I liked and lots of mentioning in the forums, so I decided to undertake some research...

.. I loved what I found, the concept was great, and I'm not really the sort of person who likes to frame things as I tend to get bored seeing something everyday (I'm forever rearranging my bedroom!), I prefer keeping things in a box or a book, so they always seem fresh and new to me everytime I see them again. I guess this may come from my many years studying art and design, where all work is stored in sketchbooks, folders, etc.

So, after finding out what ACEOs were (and also very affordable), I went on my hunt, searching for all the things I'd previously ignored. The first that caught my eye were illustrations by scarlettcat and I had to snap up these three ACEO's. They're absolutely beautiful, especially the blue-haired one. I can't wait to see her future illustrations.

At this time, I was currently selling my father's jewellery, from what he had left from selling in his own shop and around antique fairs around 2 decades ago and felt like I wanted to have my own pieces of work in my shop, not just his. So, I went through all my artwork I'd ever done, and started experimenting with turning them into good quality ACEOs by using professional printers and having a nice finish to them. I listed some last night and hope they eventually find their way into somebody's collection! I am still contemplating on whether I should offer them as normal prints (6x4 or 8x10) but I'm not sure whether my style is appealing to the majority of the Etsy market... I think I'll see how my ACEOs do first.
Other purchases I have made are pieces of jewellery. Being brought up around jewellery and watching my father at work has made it an interest to me, if I didn't do Fashion Design, I would be doing some sort of Silver/Goldsmithing course. I adore fine jewellery, but also kitschy pieces!
I love love love these pieces I have bought. The top item is a matryoshka doll embedded in resin and by using copper wire, is formed into a ring. This is one hell of a ring and yasminbochi was happy to make me one after I spotted it in her sold items! It's stunning! Below that is a hematite and 'cherry liquorice cube' necklace by gallerialinda .. absolutely beautiful, I saw this in her avatar while browsing on the forums, so I must absolutely stress that if you run an Etsy shop, make sure you have a stunning avatar.

The bottom row consists of two pendants, with mini prints of paintings by ttgart .. I originally bought them to put on my charm bracelet but they seemed to look better hanging off my neck! Last but not least, the resin doll pendant is by stoopidgerl .. really lovely and looks great on my charm bracelet.

Everyone I have dealt with so far have been incredibly charming and kind. I could literally buy something everyday from Etsy!
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