Saturday, 26 January 2008

From Wood to Sterling.

A few months ago:
I came across this buckle on eBay, which I'm sure is made from wood, and loved it straight away. It had a strong deco aesthetic because of the shapes, but as it was made from wood and not something like... black lacquered Bakelite.. it seemed to have a whole theme of its own! I can't remember anything else about it and I don't recall the seller knowing much either. I decided to try and win it as I'd never seen a buckle like that before, but the bidding got too high and I lost out... but I oh so wanted it!

As it was now going to someone else, I decided to at least keep the images, worked out the measurements and other details, and asked if my father could attempt it, in sterling silver. Surprisingly, I forgot I'd sent it to my email the same time I sent it to my brother (who was currently working with my father) and found it in my inbox which is great because I am now able to show you how it looked, otherwise you'd only have the finished product to see... also I couldn't believe how bossy and demanding my 'instructions' were! (i.e asking for pearls!!)He whipped it up in about 2 weeks in between his other commissions and complained of it breaking one of his machines, but he did an amazing job and each section joins perfectly!..he also used genuine tiger eye beads to form a section for me to attach a belt to.. However.. I ended up snapping them off pretty much straight away as they were strung with fishing wire which my father thought would be OK, so I had to send it back to him so that he could use a thick silver tube instead ...and so soon after I had just got it!

Present time:
I got it back a few days ago, and this time he has used some beautiful beads which are part of the carnelian family.. (and also super secure!) I don't think I'll be using it as a belt now.. it just seems too special to me, and if I ever dropped it on a hard surface, the silver would get scratched or dented. The buckle also slightly curves, which of course, sits beautifully against the waist.
I'm also thinking, at a later date, to ask my father to engrave my name... y'know, just to make it that little bit more special...

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