Saturday, 5 January 2008

Flamingo talk.

Everyone has a favourite animal(s) don't they? What are yours and why? I like exotic animals, my favourites are flamingos and pigs, although you probably wouldn't categorize the latter as being exotic. I have to admit though, I'm not much of an animal lover, I just like the way they look, it's hard to explain, and both being pink just happens to be coincidence.

Anyway, I've been working on these blank notebooks which I have already listed, originally inspired by the fact that I hated buying the standard sketchbooks at University so proceeded to make my own! I could therefore match up the colour of my books with any garments I had to make as part of a project, personalize the front cover as I pleased, control the amount of pages, the quality of paper, it was completely mine. Here are some of my original books where I also attached charms to the ribbon.
I originally looped the ribbon round and round to bind the pages as shown, but it sometimes made my books open a bit wonky which drove me crazy, so for the new, and improved ones that I am selling, I have individually tied a strand of ribbon through each adjacent hole instead, and the little bows look so cute!

So, back to flamingos. I doodled some flamingos to use as a little image on the front cover of a newly-thought-of book idea. I wanted to do something different to just using 'notebook' on the front, or leaving it plain, and someone who would buy a pink book, surely wouldn't mind a flamingo?With the one on the left, I think I was trying to make it look really elegant and added curls, but it looked completely wrong, so I tried another, this time with one leg up (a lot more flamingo-like!), and a subtle curl (I think I was subconsciously thinking of a little piggy tail), liked it, scanned it in, cleaned it up in photoshop, filled the body in black, and voila! I used pale pink ribbon to bind it at first, but it looked too bland, so I have used fuchsia ribbon instead, to give it that pizazz! It is also currently available to buy in my Etsy shop!
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