Friday, 18 January 2008

Digital Fantasy Art and Manipulations.

I am obsessed with vampiric lore, I have seen pretty much every vampire thing there is to see!..Vampire in Brooklyn, Interview with the Vampire, all of Buffy, all of Angel, Embrace of the Vampire, John Carpenter's Vampires (excellent!), From Dusk til Dawn, Blade, Queen of the Damned.. (a lot of the very old cheesy ones too) I could go on and on and on...

... and if I could be anything else apart from human, it would have to be a vampire. When I was younger, I even wanted to get my canines sharpened... !Well well well, this is all possible with amazing photo manipulation techniques by bunny! Her before and afters are absolutely stunning, and so realistic. I couldn't take my eyes off this one, my absolute favourite:
The manipulation below is so dark and beautiful, and I will definitely, eventually get one done myself (when I'm not feeling so shy about it)! This completely beats those prim and proper (and boring) makeover shoots.
Bunny also does manipulations of your pets, your children, anything and everything. You can see more of her wonderful manipulations (and get one done yourself!), other art and fantastic shoes in her Etsy shop and here.

Another digitally talented artist is linranae. I accidentally came across her art, while I was bored late at night and decided to check out the 'art collectors' section under Gift Guides on Etsy. The image that was featured was of a beautiful painting of a fairy, and like all girls, I love fairies, and wouldn't mind being one either! I just had to check out her shop!.. 'Solitude Gothic Fairy' is one of my favourites:
Have a look at her personal website and her Etsy shop to see more of her alluring work.I loved what I was seeing so decided to have a peek at her blog too! I was completely overwhelmed and hypnotised by her digital painting, you MUST check it out, and if you want to enjoy it as much as I did, have your speakers on loud! : Lindsey paints a youtuber: Maiyana45.
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