Sunday, 13 January 2008

Goodbye Aquarius.

I am so excited to have had my first book sale, and also with it being one of my Astrology ones!
It sold a day after I listed it and the buyer also requested additional pages, which I was happy to do! So, it went from this:

To this:Now that's what I call chunky. The reason why I am extra happy with the sale of an Astrology book is although I love them and other people may too, I wasn't sure if people would actually buy them. I mean, would you really want to buy a book, describing you as selfish, possessive, ruthless, controlling, arrogant.. and a lot of other things! (That isn't all for Aquarius by the way, it's a mix of all the signs!)... and I only make things that I already use or would use, there's no point making things that I 'think people might buy'. I would find that incredibly boring and pointless.
Also, I came across the most beautiful photo, and it is by anybodyinthere, who is actually the person who bought my Aquarius book! I first spotted it in her avatar, and I thought it was some sort of rare peacock (I love peacocks!).. so, I just had to have a little peek! It is called 'Blown' and is 'a type of salsify', a stunning photo.

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