Thursday, 24 January 2008

A little bit of milkglass, rhinestones and enamel.

I collect vintage jewellery, and those are my most favourite elements. I suppose there are notions of milkglass almost being like freshwater pearls and rhinestones being like diamonds, but you never ever get them in the same design. It's either costume, or fine. For example, a stretchy rhinestone encrusted bracelet, you would never see that with diamonds.
I can only think of 1920/30's Chanel having the most beautiful costume jewellery-esque designs but with the use of diamonds, but then again maybe it's only because it was so many decades ago.. I don't really understand why diamonds are so expensive though, shouldn't things be expensive when they are rare? There are billions of diamonds, there's never a shortage... OK fair enough if it's a pink one.. or any other 'rare' colour.. but I still don't get it, someone please enlighten me...

...Anyway, here is a peek at some of my favourite pieces of vintage jewellery that I have picked up from all over the place. I never wear them though and some need fixing but I just keep them in a box, so it's like my own little treasure chest! The image below is of a red enamel and gold tone necklace with a little 'droplet', then we have the milkglass and rhinestones, and a textured gold tone and rhinestone choker. And here is a gold tone rose choker accented with rhinestones and also a purple enamelled choker with matching earrings, although I'd love to turn the earrings into rings!
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