Monday, 28 January 2008

The Little Book of Art.

As you may know, I'm quite obsessed with ACEO's (don't know what they are? Click here). So far, I have 7. When I got my first ones, I definitely didn't want to frame them in any way, (I'm just not a framing type of person) but I knew I wanted to keep them in a box or a book of some sort. I also definitely didn't want to keep them in those typical plastic trading card sleeves (the 3x3 slots) which are then stored in a folder.. I just felt it would look too cluttered.

So, about 2 weeks ago, I made my own book to keep them in. I've called it 'The Little Book of Art', because that's exactly what it is. I decided to treat the book as though it was a mini art gallery with only grey, black and white pages, just like how art galleries have clean, neutral wall tones, so that all attention is on the art and is complimentary.

Also, I've attached the actual ACEO (still in it's card sleeve) to the pages, so if I ever get bored (most likely) of the order or composition, I only simply need to take the ACEO out, and swap it with another! I love my book, I think it looks so cute and I can't wait for it to be completely filled with beautiful pieces of art.. and I can always add more pages if I ever need to.
These are a good example of how either the grey, black or white base colour can be used to compliment ACEOs. These are my own #1 ACEOs which I have kept as a reference while I sell the others in the limited edition. These will of course be up for sale once the rest of the edition has been sold. (So they are not purely in my book out of vanity!)
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