Tuesday, 22 January 2008


No I'm not just making random animal noises, I'm talking about Moo cards! I've finally invested in getting business cards made... which I should have done a long time ago. There are 100 altogether in 11 different designs, I'm not certain which I prefer the most yet, but I quite like the one in the middle where it shows a snippet of what I currently have in my shop.
I've often been stopped in public by women of all ages asking where I got my dress from, my shoes, my jewellery.. or just to tell me that 'it's really nice' .. I usually just respond with a 'thanks!' and that was it, never really thought much about it, but, it suddenly clicked (took a while, but it got there), that they clearly like, what I like, and most of the time, it is something I have made or something my father (the jeweller) has made. .. of course, this is when I should really be handing over my business card, not just thanking them and skipping off merrily down the road. Also, I have received two different Moo cards in some purchases I made from Etsy and absolutely not throwing them away just because they're not the standard type of business card, so if I feel that way, maybe other people do too?
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