Monday, 7 January 2008

You're gullible, artistic, flirtatious, jealous.

Welcome to the introduction of my new Astrology themed books!

I've always been interested in Astrology. I read Palmistry books when I was 10 and would skip to school the next day to predict the future for all my classmates... I would be surrounded by loads of them, all with their palms held out and lots of 'me', 'no me' .. me's.

So, I came across some articles on the character traits for each astrology sign and some accompanying information, such as the colours associated with each particular sign. I instantly wanted to use this new found information on my books, which I have just finished! The front and back of each book is decorated with the corresponding character traits, both positive and negative as I wanted the books to be 'real' and almost humorous. (I think they are, but then again, I do have a very dry sense of humour!)

The main body of the books are then filled with the colours linked with the individual sign. I firstly thought to just choose one colour, as some of the colours seemed like they just wouldn't look right together, but I wanted to make it a challenge so decided to use all of them! .. and I'm very pleased with the results! Here is a sneak preview of Aquarius, Cancer and Scorpio.
Of course, these books won't match with everyones personalities, whether in regards to the stated traits or if they even like the colours! But, everything is worth trying out. Here is another sneak preview, this time of Pisces and Libra. I will slowly be listing all 12 astrology signs in my shop!
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