Tuesday, 26 February 2008

MOO two.

I got my second set of Moo cards! I still have a lot of my first batch left but I just had to get more. I also took the suggestion of making my previous clothing label design as a Moo card and it looks lovely! Also, the one under that one is a close up of a piece of embroidery and beading I did last year which looks really pretty!
Oh and if you don't know what Moo cards are, well, I like to simply think of them as a modern day business card. When I first found out about them, it suddenly occurred to me how I've never ever seen business cards different to the standard type.
I think MOO cards are best for people in the creative industry, one side is your own image (I've noticed how zoomed in images look nicer, even if they're cut off) which you can have 100 different ones of (you get 100 in a pack) and on the other side, you can have up to six lines of your own text, i.e name, email etc etc.
I tried some with my favourite pieces of jewellery that I sell, and I think I should have zoomed in a bit more, but they still look quite cute. .. and also with my books, not sure if the lacey one works well though.
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