Thursday, 14 February 2008


Something I didn't state about my previous post about my obsession with dresses is that I pretty much buy one (or more) everytime I leave my house.
My most recent is this midnight blue sequined, (I don't know who decided for that to be spelt with one 'n', it really should have two in my opinion) 1920s style, drop waist, fringed flapper dress! I only bought it because it was on sale in Topshop for £20/$40 and I would most definitely have not bought it for its retail price - £100/$200. I guess I mainly bought it because of my love for the 1920s and this dress seemed to have my favourite elements about 1920s dress. I love sequins, but a lot of sequins in mainstream fashion can look really tacky, but the midnight blue of these looked very elegant (The second image shows its true colour). I also love the fringe detail, which I haven't seen much in mainsteam fashion, probably because people might feel they're a bit 'outdated'.
I don't always buy dresses to wear, I buy them just to collect aswell (what I had in mind for this dress), but the latter usually applies to vintage. So, when I got home, I tried it on 'just to see', and it had such a wonderful fit and I had the biggest urge to start doing the Charleston, if only I knew how. I would definitely tie a piece of black ribbon around my waist though (I pinned it to my dummy and fitted the waist so you can see - theres a bit of the back showing too!), as dropped waist styles aren't very flattering unless worn with 6" heels to even out the proportions!

I thought I should add, the dress is by Kate Moss, for her collection with Topshop, I always thought it was over-rated and didn't understand what all the fuss was about, but with this dress, I am quite impressed, although I still would not have bought it for its original price! Also, as it was on the Sale rack, there are a LOT of sequins missing (if you've been to a Topshop Sale, you'll understand why), which I will restore once I find the correct colour.
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