Thursday, 21 February 2008


Warning: Go and get a cup of tea/coffee before even attempting to read this post.

Before I started this post, I had to double check there was such a word as 'superheroines', as I'd never seen it anywhere or heard it in formal context. Someone describing X-men wouldn't say it's about 'superheroes and superheroines', they would only say the former. The same way 'people' can be referred to as 'men'. I remember when I was about 11, my teacher made us read paragraphs of important events in history and she asked what they mean by 'men', and I was the only one that knew! Anyway, on this search, I found the most amazing list of 'superheroines' on Wikipedia, wow!

I have forever had an interest in superheroines, I guess I loved the personalities that came with them (regardless of whether they were good or bad), the outfits they wore, the powers they had, their storylines, everything!
... I was also clearing out my room and came across some comic trading cards from absolutely years ago, I completely forgot I had them, maybe that's why ACEO's appeal so much to me.. I definitely had more, but these are the ones I found:

Notice how most are women!? Jean Gray and Rogue from X-Men are two of my many favourites and I went through a stage wanting that white bit of hair like Rogue. Jean Gray's character story in the animated X-Men series started off weak, she was helpful, maternal, and a little bit boring, but as soon as the 'Phoenix' story happened, she went right to the top! ... and the films were amazing!

Some of you may remember me introducing my character in online game 'Guild Wars' when I first started this blog.. and ever since my boyfriend got me a laptop for my birthday, I've been able to play it much more on my travels (as I usually have other things to do at home).. and I thought I'd show off her new outfit! I think I spend more time deciding what to dress her in then actually playing the game. She looks great though doesn't she?

..But wouldn't she look even better if she had a flaming sword drawn by (Yes this actual one!)

I absolutely had to introduce this artist to those reading. Her art is serious eye candy for me (will be yours too) and I recently found out that she has now started doing them in ACEO!! I have my eye on..well...all of them. I would be the first player to join her game, if all her characters were in it. I love what she does and always looking foward to her new installments. I mean, who cares about Poseidon, when you have's 'Sea-Witch'?

And remember my Vampire post? If you don't (shame on you!), well I was going on about loving anything vampire related! Well, if there was to be another Blade film coming out (yes please!) .. I would like to see something like's 'Vampire of the Deep' as the elite vampire that actually finishes Blade off... (but with a clever cliffhanger so that it still leaves the film open for another one, if you know what I mean)... or, if they're ever going to make 'The Little Mermaid', animated, but for adults, she would definitely make an excellent Ursula.

Also, I watched Alien VS Predator 2 - Requiem, loved it but slightly disappointed in the way the Alien/Predator hybrid looked. To me, it was just an Alien with dreadlocks. They could've done a much better job with that! It was meant to be the ultimate monster!!! However, I would love to see what's interpretation of the hybrid would have been... and just to top it off, her little dog Ripley is named after the original Alien terminator! How cute!

And lastly (slowly getting there, well done for sticking around this long!), just to further show my obsession with superheroines, this is a dress I designed and made about 3 years ago, in my first year at University. The project brief was to design and make anything, but only using denim. I didn't want to typically make jeans and I like making complete outfits, so a dress was the best option! (I could have made a two-piece denim outfit, but I just couldn't visualise it looking very pleasing!)
The finished dress is very short, very tight fitting and very.. how can I say it.. busty? We also had to have a fashion show to showcase our designs but I didn't want to put someone on the spot by asking them to model my very risqué design! So I put it at the back of my mind...

...until the fashion show came up. So in a panic, I looked around my class and picked out the girl with the kindest face, messy blonde hair, biker boots and fishnet tights, and she was very happy to model for me! I hadn't even thought or brought anything in for styling, so I let her keep her boots and tights on, and I was so pleased when I saw her come out! She looked like all my favourite superheroines mixed together but with a droplet of G.I. Jane and Tank Girl, I really wish I'd taken a photo of it though!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I absolutely loved writing it and it actually took me a week to do! So really, this is the shortened version of my post, I could talk about Xena, the Warrior Princess forever, Resident Evil, honestly go on and on and on and on...

..ok one more thing I just have to say.. I recently watched Spiderman 3 for the first time (I was so busy at University when it came out!!) and it was SO good! So much better then I expected, the best one. I'm so pleased to have seen the Venom character introduced, that was one of the rare trading cards to collect and my brother got one, I was so jealous. Anyway, I haven't reached my point yet (sorry!) .. but, wouldn't the film have been 100 times better if Mary-Jane turned into Venom? Just a thought.

Absolutely last and important comment, I realised that I may slightly come across as a feminist with all my superheroine this superheroine that, but I'm not... superheroines are just so much more exciting, don't you think?!!
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