Saturday, 16 February 2008

What is Qassia? A Writers bliss.

Someone on the Etsy forums mentioned a website called Qassia as a marketing tool and anything business related always catches my attention, so I just had to have a look!

To cut it (very) short, Qassia is a website where users can publish any information of their choice.
(Read the following if you want to learn a bit more, although my above sentence would suffice for those with low attention spans.)

"Qassia is sometimes confused with sites like Wikipedia, Squidoo, most recently, Google knol. Qassia is fundamentally different from these sites, because Qassia is not about asking people to upload authoritative articles. You don't need to be an egghead at Qassia. You could upload a lengthy academic treatise if you want, by all means, but you can also get away with contributing a hastily scribbled tidbit of information about a person, a company, a place, an event, a thing, or anything you know about.
What we value is intelligence about the people, companies, and places around you. The people and places do not have to be famous, and the intelligence does not have to be earth-shattering.
Qassia isn't a wiki. Your intel will not get edited (it will get rated, but not edited). You can write your intel in any tone or style you like. You can write in the first person, and you can write your entire intel without using the shift key. "

For example, you could publish amazing recipes (remember the word 'amazing', please don't clutter the website with how to fry an egg), write about people - dead/alive/anyone, companies (did you buy from a certain company and was/wasn't impressed with their service, let us know!), good shopping places, restaurants.. the list can go on. I've only been registered for 2 hours and I'm sure there's a lot more for me to learn.

This site is perfect for those who just like to write and that's how I often feel. When I was doing my 8,000 word dissertation at University (which was about how new patterns of leisure and entertainment influenced 1920s fashion - surprise surprise), I loved every moment and would gladly do another! However, I don't think my blog is suitable for just a load of writing, I'm sure it would be a bit boring and not to everyone's taste!.. which is why the site is so good, people can search for what they want to read.

I know this is getting very wordy now!.. so if you want to join the site, you can sign up via my profile as it is currently only accepting referred people.
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