Wednesday, 27 February 2008

“You just killed a helicopter with a car!” “I was out of bullets.”

I watched Die Hard 4.0 2 days ago, after missing it at the cinema, and I loved it! It was SO funny, everything that came out of John McClane's (Bruce Willis) mouth made me burst out laughing! .. It was really hard actually getting into the storyline because of it! ... I still think and laugh about the quoted title. It's a definite 'you have to see to find it funny' scene, but if anyone knows what I'm talking about, speak up!

Justin Long's character (Matt Farrell) was the perfect cast for a super geek and was also very funny. I was very disappointed with Maggie Q's character, Mai Linh (I actually had to find out the name on, I'm certain it was never spoken). There was absolutely no character presence, she was cold and boring, this 'may' have been OK if she was set on killing everyone and taking over the world but she also had a romantic relationship with the head villain, which was shown in a 'passionate' kiss just before she boards a helicopter and shows him watching her tenderly, but that was it. Prior to the kiss, you would assume she was just one of the head villain's minions. It was quite irritating, I would have liked the character to develop. However, I also watched her in 'Balls of Fury' and she was still a bit 'blank'.. but I'd also watched her in Mission Impossible 3 and she was great! Oh I give up, maybe her next film will decide?

While watching the film, I spotted the biggest editing flaw!! There is a scene where John McClane is fighting with Mai Linh (his one-liners in this scene are so funny!), she beats him around a bit and vice-versa.. then he throws her into a shelving unit by her hair and at this point her hair is now untied. While his back is turned, she gets up and does some sort of flying kick which pushes John McClane crashing out the window, now, this is the important part, as she walks to the window to look at him, her hair is tied!! Then it shows her walking away from the window and it's loose!! How could they miss it? It was so obvious!! Luckily I hadn't watched it at the cinema otherwise I would have been one of those annoying 'did you see that?!?!' audience members.
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