Wednesday, 26 March 2008


I recently purchased this beautiful opalite and gunmetal necklace from Etsy seller DesignedbyRJ who is also a fellow blogger here. (Etsy is a website where you can 'buy and sell all things handmade'.)It was actually a bracelet to begin with but I absolutely had to have it as a necklace, it was too beautiful to be worn on my wrist! I always feel a bit hesitant asking sellers to 'change' their products, I'm never quite sure if they'll feel offended about it. However, myself and DesignedbyRJ had such lovely conversations and I was so pleased that she was happy to change it for me! The bracelet was then changed into a choker length necklace so it sits just above my collarbones! Be sure to take a peek at her jewellery, the pieces are very simple but absolutely stunning and very versatile.
On receiving the necklace and seeing it beside my other pieces of jewellery, it dawned on me that I have recently started buying a lot of blocky-shaped jewellery, which primarily wasn't really my style. I've always preferred softer shapes, such as spheres, teardrops, ovals etc, but, I actually think these new found shapes suit me more... Here are the pieces I have bought in the last couple of months:

Two painted pendants by ttgart and a doll photo embedded in resin pendant by stoopidgerl. Below is a cube necklace by gallerialinda and a beautiful chunky matryoshka doll embedded in resin ring by yasminbochi. This makes me wonder what I'll be buying in 10 years time! Admittedly, at the same time I bought the necklace from DesignedbyRJ, I did also purchase these earrings, the colour was too sweet to resist!.. and I guess, maybe, it was to make the transition to blockier jewellery less painful.OK OK, I am being over-dramatic and this is all probably just a coincidence! .. but the earrings are so yummy, you just want to eat them.
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