Sunday, 2 March 2008

Irregular Choice Photography Competition.

Irregular Choice (my most favourite shoe brand), launched a photography competition a few months ago to submit a dynamic photo with a pair of IC shoes as the subject (of course), the winning prize were IC shoes every month for a year and to be featured in their first Coffee Table Book!

I kept meaning to enter but I was so busy!! .. anyway, they recently announced the winner and runners up here. The 1st prize winners, Heather Longton and Ellen Noble, submitted an extremely impressive, surreal, editorial-type photo, and I can completely see why they won. If I saw it on a billboard and had never heard of Irregular Choice, I would look it up as soon as I could and buy those shoes! They completely sold the brand, the styling is perfect, the backdrop is perfect... and here it is!
Amazing isn't it? I really hope they have another competition soon and this time I will make time to enter!! A pair of Irregular Choice shoes every month for a year is pure bliss.
Furthermore, I do actually have those shoes, which are called 'Fish Out of Water'. They're so fun and have such a flattering shape! The split toe is influenced by traditional Japanese culture and mine are pale pink with a metallic scale print. They are very comfortable, but I would highly recommend wearing split-toe/tabi socks with them for further comfort. Shiatsu experts also believe that split-toe shoes/socks have health benefits to them....however, I don't think it applies when it's combined with a 3" heel.
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