Saturday, 1 March 2008

The last 24 hours.

I have made 7 books. Trust me, that's a lot for what needs to be done to make these books! I've been neglecting my blank-book-making as I've been concentrating more on developing ACEO albums and dresses. So, I decided to just completely set my mind to it, a bit like when you leave coursework to the last minute, shut everything out and speed through it the night before, well, minus the deadline bit, and minus the poor quality... although I do remember a lot of people in my class getting away with the latter....including myself, thank god! I think I work well under pressure, something especially important to have in the fashion industry. I absolutely love the finished results, I've been a bit obsessed with an abstract-type rose design I roughly did with a marker pen several months ago, so have implemented that into the front cover of some of the books. I adore floral shapes and illustrations but I think a rose is the most attractive flower to draw because of all its little sections, second place would have to be a lotus, which is actually also the definition of my horrible-sounding middle name, although it is amusing how such a horrible name can mean such a beautiful thing... only a few people know it. It will not be revealed!!I also made a 'Book Of Dreams'. I sold my first 'Dreams' book quite quickly which surprised me as I wasn't sure if people actually recorded their dreams anymore, you just never really hear about it do you? This time I felt like titling it with something a bit more dramatic, I think I got the idea from a conversation I was having with a friend about The Book of the Dead (we both love Egyptology! Look out for a future entry!) and I guess I just liked the tone it gave. Next to it is a Capricorn Traits Book. I have to admit I didn't make this one from scratch (in the last 24 hours), I'd made it about a month ago but I had to take it apart because I noticed I'd spelt 'possessive' with one primary 's' after I'd finished it which was quite annoying as I'm quite good at spelling!!Lastly, I made two slimline notebooks for myself, one to sit on my desk and another, the purple one, for my bag.I also mounted a print-out of the London Underground map on the back of the book as I'm forever trying to work out quicker ways to travel around London, and I do on occasion completely forget how to get to places! .. well when you're trying to avoid the hundreds of people running around like headless chickens, squeezing through closing train doors, bashing other passengers out the way to get on the train when another is due to arrive in the following minute anyway... your brain does tend to get a bit fried.The print-out is really really tiny (font size must be 2 or something!) but it's fine for me to read because I do have pretty good eyesight! During the last couple of months at University I had the most painful headaches, my doctor said it was either posture (but it wasn't because I never slouch, due to a strict aunty, a brief gymnastics phase and being in the school choir, although I honestly can't sing to save my life), eyesight (I never have trouble seeing anything so it wasn't that either) or stress (but I wasn't stressed at all).
So I went for an eyetest to 100% rule that out and I got above average! Therefore it must have been stress, surpressed stress maybe? .. because as soon as I finished the last thing I had to do at University, the headaches vanished!

Well there you have it, that's what I've made in the last 24 hours, now I'm going to go and soak my hands in a big bucket filled with intensive moisturising cream.

I'm also thinking of changing my name to SuperWoman.
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