Saturday, 29 March 2008

More handmade books.

I've recently made some more books, experimenting with different imagery and colourways. Firstly, and my most favourite so far, is this 'Dreams' book!It is for people who still like to record their dreams and it is filled with pale green sugar paper, a central white section and you can buy it here. I love that slick of white... and not until I finished it did I realise that I subconsciously got the idea from oriental jelly desserts! .. My mother had recently bought some that were green with a white (coconut) middle, and the image below is an example of what some of these 'oriental jelly desserts' look like, although, I actually don't really like them! This is possibly because a lot is made with a coconut flavour, and I don't really like coconut!... However, it doesn't mean I can't be inspired by them! I also made two books with a heart and bow on the front cover, I thought they looked quite sweet just sitting in the corner! .. and you can buy them here and here!

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