Saturday, 15 March 2008

New Irregular Choice boots!

I got these Irregular Choice boots a few days ago and they're called 'Moony', which is pretty much obvious why! They're a pale gold and quilted with vertical lines. When I first saw them, I didn't really pay much attention until I laid eyes on a runner up photo for the Irregular Choice Photography Competition, and they just looked so much better on. The photo is by Heather Longton and Ellen Noble, whose other photograph they submitted actually won first prize! I did an entry about this here if you missed it! The product was pretty much sold when I saw this! Stunning isn't it? I think Irregular Choice should hire them to compose their editorials!
They're very flattering, especially at the back, and quite comfortable, although they could be further comfortable if there was a little platform at the front.However, there is one point I absolutely must make about these boots, they're impossible to take off. My feet are a size UK3 and they fit perfectly, and not too tight, but I just can't take them off without help, this style of boot really should have a zip. My mother, who is pretty much a size UK 2/2.5, also tried them on and I ended up having to yank them off while she held on to the banister!
I am determined to wear these boots, so have been thinking of finding someone who can implement a zip in for me.. if anyone knows of a reliable place I can go to in London, let me know! .. or if not, I'm going to literally cut a side slit and have Velcro straps going across.. but, I really hope I don't have to resort to having to do that! .. I will of course blog about its progress.
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