Saturday, 8 March 2008

The Other Boleyn Girl.

This was finally released in the UK and I was straight at the cinema. Having been addicted to 'The Tudors', I absolutely had to watch a potential film version of it. I really liked this film and found myself comparing it a lot with 'The Tudors' and there were many many differences. I usually have a lot of criticism about the acting (although I'm no expert, but everyone can tell whether they really were convinced by ones acting or not) but I have no qualms with the acting here. Scarlett Johansson portrayed Mary Boleyn in the exact same way I envision her to be, kind, sensitive and forgiving.

I thought Natalie Portman was an excellent Anne Boleyn, cunning, intelligent and vivacious, although I much more prefer 'The Tudors' Anne, played by Natalie Dormer. I have read from many sources that Anne Boleyn was not conventionally beautiful at that time but she was very talented and had an alluring charm about her that men nevertheless, found attractive. This I feel Natalie Dormer shows best... but I do wish I could just travel back in time and see for myself instead of speculating!! Who do you prefer?Anyway, moving on. Eric Bana played Henry VIII quite well, but I feel they/he should've made his character come across/look a bit more older. Even though Jonathan Rhys Meyers looks even younger in The Tudors', for a film, I felt the characters should have a lot more historical detail to them.
Now, I absolutely loved the costumes. I focused so much on them, the colours, the fabrics, the way they draped and folded, the head pieces, the jewellery (beautiful!!), nightwear, prints, patterns, even the curtains in the background, the bedding, the wallpaper, everything! This is what happens when you've been studying art/fashion all your life, you become incredibly obsessed with little things like that, which can be a bit overwhelming but also super-inspirational!! Like the image below, I would never have thought of putting gold and blue together, I would usually put blue with silver, not gold, but seeing them next to each other looks so beautiful.. I will definitely have to source some fabric now!Overall, the film is great, although I haven't read any 5 star reviews about it yet, and UK critics have not been thoroughly impressed with the acting or storyline... but, I never listen to them anyway, because in my mind, it's all about taste, but in a film critics' mind, they have a certain criteria to follow before a film can be labelled as 'excellent'. So there you have it, a brief and very vague (I don't want to spoil it!) review of the film as seen through my eyes..... which, and I do apologise, mainly consists of fabrics.
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