Monday, 3 March 2008

Superheroines. Part II. Alice.

I loved writing my Superheroines entry but was frustrated about not being able to fit everything in. There are still so many more superheroines I need to talk about...So, I have decided to do seperate entries for them instead of trying to cram it all into one place!

I watched Resident Evil:Extinction (#3) a week ago (I missed this at the cinema, because it was removed quite soon from its release date which I think was because it wasn't very popular, blah!) and it was fantastic!! I couldn't remember much from the previous two, and actually want to rent them out to refresh my memory, but this one was great. I've always been a huge fan of Resident Evil, as soon as I'd watched the first one, I bought the game to play on my GameCube (PS2 and XBox is better - as everyone was telling me, but a GameCube just looks so cute!) ... however, I didn't play it for a very long time as it scared the life out of me.. too many zombies jumping out and I'd end up shooting aimlessly at a wall out of fright or just running away from them and not progressing in the game, at all. I'd be absolutely terrible if it was real, probably end up shooting myself in the foot, or worse.
See, it looks scary doesn't it??? You cannot deny it! The game was given fantastic ratings and one day I will try to complete it as I think I'll be OK playing it now.. I was a lot younger then. But, I must admit, I have completely moved on from the GameCube and onto PlayStation 3.

Back to the film, Milla Jovovich was brilliant as Alice. I remember the ending of the second one and the cliffhanger was that she became a human/zombie hybrid and was now super-duper strong, and escaped out of the laboratory. This third installment now shows her trying to find peace, but runs into a group of survivors looking for a safer place. Throughout the film, her increasing strength is slowly revealed such as telekinesis, and when the baddies at Umbrella Corporation try to 'shut her down' (so they can capture and further experiment on her) via a satellite dish, she overrides them. It was all very very exciting!!

I particularly took an interest in what she was wearing in the film as it was such an improvement from the first and second films. Although I actually quite liked what she was wearing in the first film as the red dress added a touch of glamour and amusingly styled with black chunky boots and a huge gun, of course.However, looking back now, I hate the outfit in the second film, it's incredibly unflattering, and as she is also a professional model, she should have got away with it, but I don't think she did. (I know the clothing isn't the most important thing when you're trying to stay alive!.. but they don't go unnoticed!!)The whole ensemble in the third film was put together incredibly well and I actually found out (after watching the film) that it is a Jovovich-Hawk designed costume! This didn't really surprise me as she is one half of beautiful fashion brand Jovovich-Hawk but I adore how she is utilising one part of her life into another. My most favourite part of her outfit were the suspenders-influenced section, where instead of adjustable straps, there are knots, giving it a ready-for-action feel, almost in a similar way how martial arts characters will knot a band around their head before they start uppercutting and such. The outfit also reminded me of one of my favourite Final Fantasy characters, Rikku, especially with the twin knives! However, even though I don't really approve with the outfits she previously wore, they suited perfectly with the storyline in each film.

I was so pleased that there was a cliffhanger ending (leaving it open for another!) which showed the creation of her clones, hundreds of them, wow!... and then switching to Tokyo, where Umbrella Corporation have now relocated. I hope the next one won't be too far away and with it being set in Tokyo seems very fascinating!

Also, lets not forget her as Joan of Arc , Ultraviolet and the amazing LeeLoo in The Fifth Element, I think that was the first time I'd seen her acting and was very impressed.
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