Monday, 17 March 2008

Superheroines. Part III. Alice in Wonderland.

Here is another one of my 'Superheroine' entries, but this isn't Lewis Carroll's Alice, it's American McGee's Alice.Firstly, I'll introduce the game which I think I bought around 2002 and I loved it. It's based on the original Alice in Wonderland, but this time, she is older, and very eerie. Admittedly, the game scared the hell out of me, there were just too many jumpy bits!. .. however, since watching The Grudge (about 3 years ago), I have definitely toughened up!The storyline of the game is that Alice's parents are killed in a fire where she is the only survivor and she becomes very disturbed. She is then institutionalised in an asylum and it isn't until years later, when she is a young lady, that the 'white rabbit' calls upon her to help undo a now, dystopic Wonderland run by the Queen of Hearts. She enters the changed Wonderland and has a range of weapons to aid her journey. These include a butchers' knife and a deck of cards. The deck of cards were my favourite as you didn't have to do any difficult aiming, you just had to scatter them about! (Think Gambit from X-Men!).. there were some more weapons but I never got that far..and......I never did finish the game. I remember clearly that I got stuck on the same bit over and over and over again (don't you just hate that?!).. I was on a giant, floating chessboard, and I had to work out the pattern to dictate what sections to step on so that they didn't drop. But, of course, the pattern could only be worked out by trial and error. I got too frustrated. I never logged in again.
Now, onto the most exciting part, they're making a film version! I recently stumbled across this while browsing films due to release in 2008-2010!!!.. and guess who's playing Alice? Sarah Michelle Geller! I think they got this spot-on. She was a fabulous Buffy, and I thought it would have been hard seeing her play a different role but I was very impressed when I watched her in The Grudge... and I think she is perfect for this film! I'm not sure how much it's going to be based on the storyline of the game, but it is still going to be haunting and eerie. It's a superheroine playing a superheroine in my eyes. I can't wait!

Other films I came across were The Incredible Hulk (this surprised me as there was already one not so long ago with Eric Bana and Jennifer Connolly), Ironman, 10,000BC, Barbarella (wow! a super-duper superheroine!), Batman- The Dark Knight, Blood - The last Vampire (based on an anime and it sounds like a female version of Blade!), Gabriel, Sin City 2, The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian, The Mummy - Tomb of the Dragon, X-Files 2, DragonBall (wow, I watched the cartoons when I was younger!), Hellboy 2 - The Golden Army, The Lovely Bones (based on Alice Sebold's novel, amazing!), The Wolfman, Star Trek, Angels and Demons (Dan Brown's novel, oh my god! This was my favourite of his books!), Transformers 2 (loved the first one!), G.I Joe (shame it isn't Jane!), and Shrek goes Forth!
It's going to be an amazing year (or two) of films! Wow! (I really need to find a new word for that.)
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