Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Utilising a gift.

My mother got me a 'My Insolence' perfume gift set by Guerlain a few months ago, but forgot to give it to me until now! Anyway, I loved it as soon as I saw the box. It's so pretty, I would love the print as a fabric! So, as I was slowly opening it up, I came across such a beautiful box inside! I love leopard print and was never really keen on zebra print, but I liked this one, which was in a suede-type fabric..... the box consisted of a body lotion, perfume bottle and a mini version, the smell was divine!! Can you smell it over there? I lightbulb instantly formulated above my head, I had been looking to buy some little drawers for some organisation in my room, and was contemplating getting the clear, plastic Muji stacking ones, but I found them to be so expensive and other similar plastic ones looked really tacky.. so things like my ACEOs, sewing threads, buttons etc etc were just laying around waiting for a home. Until this box came along. I took out the plastic casing and it's absolutely perfect! I tried looking for another 2 all over the internet, so they can stack up and look like a mini unit, but as my mother bought it months ago, they're nowhere to be found!!
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