Sunday, 20 April 2008

Flamingo Reborn.

I made this very pink flamingo print book way back in January and it just recently sold. Also, not only that, but someone else wanted it too! So I went and made another which I was very happy to do and this is the point where I can make a comment about it being like a bus, you wait for ages and then three come at once.. but I wont, because it's so cheesy.Anyway, I wanted to utilise the drawing again, but this time, I actually wanted my flamingo to be pink, rather than black. However, the card I use for the front covers are pearlescent, and black is the only 'colour' that actually comes out as... black. So, I punched up the colour and made it a bright fuchsia pink, put my silver card into my printer, pressed print, and my flamingo came out a lovely shade of rose pink. The pearlescent quality of the card had diluted a lot of the original colour out and left it with something so much more beautiful... I think I'll definitely be experimenting with more colour now!
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