Friday, 4 April 2008

New Dress Creation.

I recently finished this dress (available here) which I made with crepe de chine and this beautiful baroque patterned fabric that I was given on a fashion design internship. It was a sample fabric and they were having a clean out and as I was still at University, with not much money, I was willing to take everything that I may possibly use for my own projects!
I'm so pleased with this dress and would actually like to keep it! .. but I enjoy making things so much and anything I make from my creations just basically goes back into buying more supplies to make more things..'s an ongoing creative cycle!I still have enough left to make another two or three full dresses, but I'm still contemplating the designs for this as once the fabric is used, it's gone forever! However, I desperately want to make some form of bubble dress as the fabric has a lovely weight to it and I could create such volume!...
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