Thursday, 3 April 2008

Clothing labels.

I've been experimenting with using Iron-On Heat Transfer Paper to print designs onto some cotton twill tape to act as labels for the clothing I am (slowly) making. I got some made a while ago which I blogged about and you can read it here but my brother wasn't very impressed with my design and thinks it should be simplified. I agree with him to a certain extent, but my main focus was that the colours on my original design may clash really badly on the garment it is getting put on!So I decided to design some 'plainer' ones to go with garments that weren't so plain.. I wasn't sure how the inkjet printing would work so I did a few tests and washed it several times to see how it'd cope, and it was actually quite good! However, it does have a very slight 'stiffer' feel because of the transferring component used and wouldn't suit being on a really lightweight fabric, for example, chiffon. Although this is a good way to make labels, I think I prefer the softer labels that I had previously bought.. I just need to be a bit wiser when it comes to designing them! My next idea is just to have 'decadentdiamond' in a beautiful font, so stay tuned!Additionally, I have decided to use this method to print onto little calico bags for when I sell small items (mainly jewellery) via my Etsy shop. I would usually wrap the item in tissue paper and place it in a cotton filled box.. then pop it into the padded envelope, ready for sending... but having thought about it, I really wanted another bit of protection, and a little drawstring pouch was the perfect solution! ..and although it may just be thrown away once the buyer receives it, I must admit that I am obsessed with personalisation and will do it whenever possible so things like that are just shrugged away! I guess I just see it the same as how shops have branded bags, I'm just doing a mini version of it!
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