Wednesday, 30 April 2008

New Earrings.

I recently purchased these beautiful earrings from LisasLovlies and I find them so delightful. I love how she has used the idea of a standard earring hook shape and function and made it into its own actual earring from scratch.This actually hadn't clicked when I first saw it, I found them very unique and almost futuristic, like something I'd see on Star Trek (which I have been watching an awful lot of lately, please see a future entry on this!).
I wasn't sure on how exactly they were supposed to be worn, but I was so intrigued that I just had to (embarrassingly) ask how! I was able to choose out of a variety of stones and as I'm always painting my nails postbox red, I just had to get the red ones to accent it!They're light, delicate, and from a short distance it looks like I have tiny red orbs floating below my earlobes. I want to get all the colours now! I also have my eye on her 'Apple Red Coral Oxidized Sterling Silver Hoops' which already sound yummy, let alone look it!
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