Monday, 28 April 2008


I was in desperate need of some form of organisation for my room, just somewhere to put those little bits and pieces and my first thought was to browse IKEA for ideas.
I already knew I didn't want shelves as I could imagine those looking cluttered too if I didn't get boxes for everything and I prefer my walls to be bare. I definitely wanted some form of drawer unit, not the typical 3-drawer ones though, as everything starts getting piled up and you can't find small things quickly. I pretty much wanted a chic filing cabinet but without it looking too office-like, and I found it for only £19.99 ($40) called the Helmer! ..and it slotted perfectly under my table, which was also from IKEA, so of course, they would have already thought about these things the clever lot!

It came in either red, silver or white, but I definitely had to get the latter because I'm currently obsessed with everything being white. Prior to that, I wanted everything in my room to be pine, and it was, but then I got sick of it so changed it all. My ever-changing taste can make life expensive, although I think I'll be liking white for quite a while, I hope! The funny thing is, my boyfriend and I hope to live together in a couple of months and he likes mahogany, so it will be amusing to see how we cope!

Back to my new unit! I'm also thinking of replacing the drawer pulls with vintage ones and/or knobs.. something crystal, Deco, brass, French, Nouveau, Venetian..list is endless as long as it is vintage or maybe even custom made! I may have to visit the Alchemy to request something and I want them all to be different! This will probably take a while for me to find those perfect parts, so I will keep you updated.

I love how the drawers aren't too short or too deep, but instead just beautifully linear, a perfect size for a lot of my little things and here is a peek at some of them!
As I was moving all my ribbons into the drawers I just couldn't help but tie the drawer pull with some ribbon scraps...

I'm sure I've mentioned somewhere in my blog that I love embroidery and here are a few of my unfinished projects and my never-ending supply of threads, I think I have about 80 there.

And lastly, papers and cards for my little handmade books, I remember spending absolutely ages hand cutting and tearing each one that were originally a size A3 or A4, took me forever! A lot of potential book ideas in there... in fact, I'd completely forgotten that I had this many until I was scouring my room for things that were suitable for my drawers!

... now that all the drawers have filled up very quickly, I'm thinking of getting another one now, or two. I don't think I'll be making labels for them yet either until I have all I need, then maybe source some beautifully patterned papers for them? Any ideas? I'm definitely not cutting a white rectangle and scribbling its contents down, how boring!

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