Saturday, 12 April 2008

Polka Dot.

I was reading a fashion business magazine that I am subscribed with, Draper's Records to be precise and, I read that soon enough, people will need to start paying for plastic bags which is quite horrendous! You may have noticed certain supermarkets and retail shops (UK) e.g. Sainsbury's and Marks and Spencer's offering you cute, little tote bags (to buy) to put your shopping in, instead of the use of plastic bags. So, from reading this statement in Draper's Records, I thought I better start making my own tote bags to fold up and take out with me!!

I went to have a look in my fabric boxes to see what I could find... and amazingly, I found the perfect fabric! It is a pale pink and white polka dot canvas fabric, perfect for a tote bag!!

.. and so, I drew out a simple pattern to begin my tote bag! Of course, when making something new, one should always make a mock-up first, so all problems can be resolved before starting on the actual fabric. This is how far I got with my mock up: This always happens to me, I get so bored making something 'perfect' when it isn't the real thing. Nevermind, at least I tried... right? I then went straight onto the beautiful polka dot fabric and was very very happy with the results! However, if I'd finished off my mock up, I would have realised that it is a little bit too small for a tote bag and the straps were a bit too short, but fine if you're not wearing thick clothing. I suppose the latter isn't a problem as it is more of a Spring/Summer bag anyway and you wouldn't exactly be wearing thick jumpers! I guess I should have also looked at other tote bags that I owned to compare size instead of just rushing into it!.. but it was just one of those things that you absolutely must do as soon as possible and common sense just goes out the window.. or is it just me? Apart from the size problem which I will adjust on the pattern, I am so impressed with my sewing, especially my top stitching, as I was always so bad at it at University!

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