Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Pushing Daisies, again.

I know I've already made a Pushing Daisies blog entry (four down) but I just love this program.. and I didn't get to finish off my entry like how I originally wanted to, as I couldn't find the dress I was talking about that I loved so much.
However, while reading Grazia magazine, I spotted the advertisement, the one with the dress, and I just had to scan it in... almost for closure! I adore the pleats coming out of the bust dart, it doesn't sound very appealing at first thought, almost like it would make ones breast look distorted especially as it looks like it is in a heavy, velvet-like material. However, when looking at it on the advertisement, it must be one of the most flattering details I've ever seen! (Click to enlarge.)
Also, whenever the break comes on and it shows the Toblerone advert (who sponsers the show)...doesn't it make you crave some!.. definitely good advertising there.
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