Sunday, 13 April 2008

Pushing Daisies.

This aired for the first time on British television on Saturday. I had seen it advertising everywhere, loved it, and made sure I was to catch its premier showing!It is about a man who, as a young boy, possesses the 'power' to bring people back to life from a simple touch, however, a second touch would make them permanently dead. Also, if he brings someone back to life for more than one minute, someone else dies. I love this catch, otherwise the program would be so predictable. Because of this 'power', him and a policeman use it to bring dead people briefly back to life to ask what had happened, he then makes them 'dead' again, and they split the reward.
The first episode shows him bring a murdered girl back to life to find out who killed her, but it is actually his childhood sweetheart, played by Anna Friel... who wears the most beautiful clothes! There is one particular dress that is stunning which is on posters around the London Underground, it is a pale salmon pink velvet with beautiful pleats cascading out of the bust darts and I can't find it on the Internet anywhere! .. Anyway, this is all I am going to say now... you just have to go and watch it!
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