Friday, 18 April 2008

Why you shouldn't run around London in nice boots...

...because from this: lovely, oh-so comfortable Irregular Choice 'Miaow' boots turned into this:I was late for everything I was doing so I had to do a lot of running around in and out of the Underground and everywhere else... so much, that my felines decided that they couldn't take such constant aggressive motions and fell off. I wasn't too disheartened about it as at least I'd noticed them fall off (with a loud clank!) and saw that there were holes for me to stitch them back on. However, I tried last night, thinking they'd go straight onto the (very tough) fabric part... but they don't!.. they're meant to go through the fabric and then straight into the shoe. Impossible for me to do... I don't have the tools or the strength. I really wanted to wear them today too and the boots aren't anything without them. I guess I'm off to a shoe repair shop again... (I also noticed how beautiful pendants those felines would make!)

...which reminds me, my last shoe problem was given a quote of approximately £60 - £80 ($120-$160) to get a zip put in.. which just isn't really worth it... I think. Although, I was also told that the section where I find most difficult to take off may have a cardboard filling, and with that removed (by making a slit), it could be easier for me to slide my feet out. This is something I need to contemplate.
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