Saturday, 26 April 2008

Why you shouldn't run around London in nice boots - update.

So, I had a bit of a shoe problem which you can read here, but it has now been resolved with superglue! My little felines had dropped off and I never did get round to taking them to a shoe repair shop and really missed wearing them. So I grabbed my superglue, smeared it onto the back of each feline, and stuck them on, easy!
Also, instead of putting them on straight, like how they originally were, I placed them at a slight angle to follow the line of the foot...OK OK I'm lieing, it was by accident and the glue had already fixed before I could change it, but I much prefer it anyway!
I'm glad they're done even though I spent 40 minutes after that trying to peel glue off my fingers, later to find out that nail varnish remover would have solved that problem!
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