Saturday, 31 May 2008

Fashion, Design & Lifestyle Etsy Team Shop Launch.

Fashion, Design and Lifestyle is a team I joined on Etsy where the goal is "to unite similar minded enthusiastic artistic people, who are passionate about style, fashion, life and good taste in every step of their daily lives."

In this team, we will be developing our skills and also working on projects together... very exciting! The first project is in conjunction with tomorrow's official launch of the FLDteam Etsy shop, where the theme is 'Debutante Ball' and the colour palette is turquoise and red. I couldn't find the time to do something for this (which I am very gutted about!) but I have already spotted some beautiful pieces! Here is a sneak preview! First up are these earrings by laurabailliedesigns, which are real stunners and can already be found here.
She was also recently interviewed on the Fashion, Design and Lifestyle blog which I found to be a great read! Secondly, I have been eyeing up daintycrochetbyaly's Etsy shop for a while now, as she produces the most beautiful crocheted necklaces! .. It was great to see her turquoise and red version of them for the FDLTeam shop which you can find here.

I will keep looking back at the FDLTeam shop to see what other lovelies spring up, and I hope to be able to participate in the next project!

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