Thursday, 15 May 2008

From scrap to labels.

I have been working on some very exciting things lately (well, exciting to me) and I have recently developed some fabric labels for them using the easy, simple method of ink jet transfer printing. (Special paper through your printer, cut it out, iron it on.)
There was a lot of scrap fabric left from these 'things' and I thought what better than to turn them into labels!

This was the first time I was experimenting with my new name and it was such a breeze. The size was great, there were no awkward lines from letters, and, this must be the slight (maybe more) obsessive-compulsive characteristic I have, but I do like words that are all the same level and of similar width...

I've been doing research on what needs to be put onto labels and I have found it to be important (possibly mandatory) that the brand name, where it was made, the fabric content and care instructions are clearly stated. So that's what I did! I originally started off with 'Made in England', but I found it to sound a bit too old fashioned, and 'Made in United Kingdom' or 'Great Britain' sounded too generic. I finally settled for 'Made in London / UK'...I guess I just like to be different!

The care symbols were a bit of a pain as I couldn't find a high resolution image of them anywhere on the Internet, so I had to draw them out myself one-by-one using Photoshop.
When it came down to the actual label, I really wanted something fresh and new, something I hadn't seen before. I was going to sew the sides inwards so the edges were neat, but before doing so, I overlocked the edges as to prevent fraying... and that's when I realised that I really liked how they looked just how they were! They were oozing that homespun feel which go really well with the 'things' I am working on, so I stuck with this new method and used up more of the scrap fabric!

Now, can you guess what these 'things' I am working on are? Sorry, no clues!

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