Saturday, 3 May 2008

Goodbye Erté, Hello Gazette du Bon Ton.

5 months into the new year, I have finally bought myself a new calendar. My 2007 one was illustrated by one of my most favourite, Erté, so I completely blame the fact that I subconsciously wanted to keep his work up on my wall.However, I was getting behind on organisation and scribbling things to do on post-it-notes instead of on the calendar, and sticking them around my computer screen which was starting to look a bit messy! Although, it is actually a really good way to remember things that need to be done on the computer and to be done soon, but not for things like dentist appointments that are months away!

So, I went to the same place where I got my Erté calender, TheCalenderClub. However this time, they currently didn't have any physical stores around, so I had to get it off the website without even a sneak preview of what the calendar contained!

I sifted through hundreds and finally settled on 'The Golden Age of Fashion' which is a 'collection of prints from the original Gazette du Bon Ton publications and is noted as being one of the most influential magazines of the art deco period'.I instantly recognised it anyway as I had read the book version in my final year at University while I was doing research for my 8,000 word dissertation. It was about the extent of how new patterns of leisure and entertainment influenced fashionable dress in the 1920's, and I'm thinking of getting it made into a book because I worked so hard on it and achieved the grade I was aiming for.
Sorry, going a bit off track! I instantly added it to my cart and bought it, I knew the illustrations would be amazing.... I received it a quick 2 days later and checked out what was in store for the year!I had missed a few nice illustrations for January and February but I can always keep them to frame one day. My most favourite is December, it is so so beautiful! I would love to have a whole wall with that image, or even better, a ceiling!
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