Tuesday, 13 May 2008

New name.

I just thought I should make an entry explaining my screen name change as I can imagine it being a bit confusing, especially as I'd acted like nothing had happened, which is what I was trying to do as I was trying to make it swift and easy!

Well, the name 'decadentdiamond' wasn't very thoroughly thought about and seems like it would be best for someone who dealt with jewellery... and as I made labels for my handmade clothing and accessories, business cards, signed up to websites etc etc ... just really getting into having my own little business.. it started to become very tedious to use 'decadentdiamond'.. it just wasn't working very well for the things I wanted it for.

So, I have started a whole new Etsy shop from scratch with the new name 'nuvonova', which is derived from one of my favourite art movements - Art Nouveau (I also love Art Deco, but it didn't have the same ring!).. and one of my most favourite words, nova, which is a cataclysmic nuclear explosion of a star. I decided to spell 'Nouveau' differently as I liked how it looked with 'nova' and would make the whole word pretty unique.
The 'Decadentdiamond' Etsy shop is going to close once everything has expired. So, I guess I will now be known as nuvonova! Also, I just had to change my blog URL and name too, otherwise it gets even more confusing!
I have now developed some new clothing labels for my new name and I am SO chuffed with them...stay tuned!
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