Friday, 23 May 2008

Pink Helium.

Great name isn't it? Pink Helium is a fellow Etsy seller who I found while browsing for new ACEOs to add to my expanding collection! ... she is also from the UK which makes it that little bit more special, as ACEOs are pretty much unknown here.

To find out about my love for ACEOs and what they are, just click 'here', which will direct you to all my ACEO related blog entries!

This entry about ACEOs is slightly different to my others, because, these are the first ones I have purchased that are the actual originals! I found pinkhelium's artwork so endearing and magical, I just couldn't resist! There were actually a few that I wanted to purchase, but I stuck with the three that I just had to have! Firstly is 'Candy', who is my absolute most favourite... and she makes me want to dye my hair bubblegum pink!

... and here are 'Waiting' and 'Swan Princess'.

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