Sunday, 18 May 2008

Polka Dotty.

Some of you may remember my Polka Dot post a few weeks back, but now it is Polka Dotty, because I am officially dotty about polka dots.

I really loved the bag I made and went back to the store I bought the fabric from to buy some more. Unfortunately, they did not have it in the pink, although I wasn't surprised as I did buy it over a year ago... However, they had it in four other colourways!

I could not decide which to get so I went for all of them, problem solved! So far, I have finished Tea Green...

...and when I used my handmade books as props to show the inner pockets, it was such a coincidence that they were the perfect size!

I have also finished it in Vanilla. I think this one is my most favourite!

And, if you couldn't guess what the labels were for in my last blog entry, well I'm sure you know now! I wanted each bag to be special and thought of what I could do, that a commercial brand couldn't... and that was to label each bag using the same fabric and with the same colour scheme. Even if I did two bags of the same colour fabric, the actual polka dots in each label would be different. If mainstream brands did this, they would be losing a lot of money!

I'm almost done!...but when I was in Topshop, I couldn't help but buy this sleeveless polka dot top with ruffles for only £10! I couldn't resist!

All my new bags will be available to buy in my Etsy Shop soon!

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