Monday, 26 May 2008

Vintage jewellery purchases.

I haven't done an entry on my vintage jewellery finds for a while so here it is! My first and last one was based around my favourite enamel, rhinestones and milkglass pieces which you can read here if you missed it!

I don't do anything with these vintage pieces of jewellery that I collect, they just go into a box and that's that! Although, it is actually slowly growing into a source of inspiration especially as I freelance for a jewellery designer who is always happy to hear about my own ideas. I also absolutely love embellishment, especially on clothing, so I always end up getting inspired by these pieces. Anyway, here are a few of my latest, which are all from eBay! If these were selling at a Vintage fair, they would be going at a price I wouldn't be willing to spend!

I adore the nautical colours used in this floral, starburst-like brooch, the rhinestones are stunning! Something like this I could imagine being the focal point for a dense neckline embellishment on a long flowing dress and very rich in colour! Next time, I may even do a quick sketch of what I mean!

I instantly saw this dark amber rhinestone brooch being the main fixture to have a waterfall of draped fabric suspended from it, like a Grecian goddess! .. and the little brooch next to it I can only see as a delicate little pendant.

And lastly, this long necklace. I specifically liked it because I found the aurora borealis' (love that name!) held in between the little floral caps so charming!

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