Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Book Review: The Constant Princess.

OK I'm just about 'almost' ready to get back on track with blogging again! ..
Firstly, while it's still fresh in my head, I want to talk about a book I recently finished, 'The Constant Princess' by Phillipa Gregory.
I'd been watching a lot of drama about Henry VIII and his wives, mainly 'The Tudors' and the film 'The Other Boleyn Girl', which is based on Phillipa Gregory's other book. Of course, the latter was mainly about Anne Boleyn and her sister, Mary... and the television drama 'The Tudors' also focused around the Boleyn family. Even at school, the only wife I remember being taught about was Anne Boleyn.. but that always left me most curious about all the others.

So, I decided to read all of Phillipa Gregory's novels on the wives, and started with the first, Katherine of Aragon.... and I loved it!! Seeing Katherine of Aragon on TV left a very poor impression on her, she just seemed so boring and dull, it was actually quite frustrating, and I really wanted to know more about her life before Henry, and more about her short marriage to his brother, Arthur. In Phillipa Gregory's book, Katherine of Aragon and Arthur are described as having been very much in love, and at his deathbed, he made Katherine promise to marry his brother, Henry, to become Queen of England, and to state that their marriage was never consummated to make this possible for her. I loved this storyline and it showed Katherine as being a strong, independent and determined woman. I could almost totally believe it all!
Phillipa Gregory's book was great at conjuring up an image of Katherine... and I think it'd be fantastic as a film. Also, the book was so well written that it made me cry! I absolutely, completely recommend it.
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