Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Custom ACEO Album.

Some of you may know that ever since I found out (and became obsessed) about ACEO's, I very quickly developed an album to hold them in. I then later decided to sell them in my Etsy shop for other collectors! I have a standard template for customers to choose how they'd like their books, but as they are custom made, I sometimes hope that customers do not feel that they are limited to what I describe or show in the 5 image boxes... and hope that they would think beyond the..... boxes. (Having said that, I find the saying 'think outside the box' really annoying!)My most recent custom order has to be one of my favourites! The buyer was a real star to work with and had a really amazing idea. She was new at collecting ACEO's and wanted a book to store them all in, and luckily for me, my books caught her eye. She wanted to keep the book quite simple, but chic, settling for grey pages (with sleeves and photo corners) and with the book being bound in black ribbon as to not distract from her ACEO's.She chose a beautiful vintage-like typewriter font as the title of the book... and also chose a barcode font to be placed on the back of the book stating that it was composed by her.I loved this idea and thoroughly enjoyed making it for her. She also picked up a couple of my own ACEO's and I gave her a special gift(s) for making the whole experience so enjoyable for me!...
She also specifically asked me to sign the inside of the back as she saw it as a 'handmade piece of art', I can't explain how flattered I was when she asked me to this.. I was blown away!
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