Friday, 27 June 2008

Just a quick introduction to my website.

When I came up with the name 'nuvonova', I decided to also buy a domain name straight away, which I got from GoDaddy for only £9/$18 per year, although there are much cheaper options. I wanted to know that my name would be there if ever I wanted to make a website.

...and now is the time! I wanted to make a free, but chic looking website, somewhere to direct people to my blog, Etsy shop... a more detailed overview of the items I make and many more things!

I finally found it through Weebly. It is a web host which offers you a free website without the compromise of having advertisements! ... although there is only a small, discreet section at the bottom mentioning Weebly, but it doesn't bug me.
I'm still working on it, there is a lot to put in, but I am loving the way it is looking at the moment! I would love to know your opinions about it so far...and here it is!

update: ...and my website is apparently not working!
update part II: I think it is working now!
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