Sunday, 22 June 2008

PS3 Game Review: Heavenly Sword.

So I finally got Heavenly Sword, a game that I have wanted when it first came out about a year ago! .. and here is my very long review about it.
I was procrastinating about buying this game when it first came out because I really didn't want to pay £45/$90 for a game that I would not have the time to play often. I didn't (and still don't) own a PlayStation 3 but my boyfriend got the PS3 as soon as it was released (a whopping £300/$600!) so I could use his, but I still didn't want to pay so much for the game! However, I recently started looking for it again hoping that it would be a lot cheaper .. and found it in the gaming section in a department store where they had a second-hand version for £15/$30! ..and this game is so fun!I am always eager to play games where I can play as a heroine (and sometimes can be ridiculously stubborn and refuse to play a game if I can't be a female character) rather than a hero. It's just more realistic isn't it?... and isn't that fiery red hair just beautiful? (It is now also the wallpaper for my laptop!)The game is about a girl, Nariko, who sets out to avenge her people who were almost destroyed by the dangerous tyrant, King Bohan. There was a prophecy told, that 'a Heavenly warrior would lead the clan to a glorious future' and she was expected to be born male. Nevertheless, her father still raised her to be a great fighter. When the tyrant captures her father, Nariko has no choice but to take up the Heavenly Sword... and that's when all the action starts! Also, I thought I'd add something amusing, the tyrant is actually played by Andy Serkis, which you will probably know him most as Gollum ("my precious") from Lord of the Rings. I spotted it as soon as I saw the animation! Can you see the similarities?I haven't played much of it yet, but I feel like I'm watching an amazingly animated film and participating in it at the same time. The graphics are incredible. The moves that she can do are so varied, there are so many of them, therefore I usually end up resorting to 'button bashing'. This was something I did all the time when I was a little girl and when I was playing Street Fighter with my brother. I could never memorise the 'special moves' and realised that 'button bashing' made them happen anyway! However, I have read a few reviews and apparently, as you progress further into the game, you won't be able to get away with just button bashing!You need patience for this game, which I sometimes lack. There are certain missions that you must complete to get onto the next stage, or you could be stuck doing the same thing for ages. ..and yes, this happened to me... I got so hot and flustered about it that I had to ask my boyfriend to step in and he did it the first go!

Anyway, I completely recommend this game and I also recommend investing in a PS3. I'm currently using my boyfriend's, but would eventually like to get my own. The PS3 plays DVDs, there is Internet access, you can watch Blu-Ray... a lot more, and at the same time, I think it looks very chic.

Lastly... and I've realised that I say this about nearly everything I write about, but I think this game would make a really fantastic film!! Although I can't think of who I'd like to be Nariko at this moment, it would definitely need to be someone quite unknown... and a trilogy would be good. Now, I think I'll go beat some baddies up.
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