Monday, 30 June 2008

Updating artwork.

When I finished University (19-23yrs old) studying Fashion Design, I kept all my work, only because it was full Fashion, which was what I specialised in... but when I finished College (16-19yrs old) studying Art & Design, I wanted to throw all my work away afterwards. I didn't feel it was important and I felt it would just look 'amateur-ish' as I'd been so young and inexperienced when I did it all. I didn't think I'd need it again. However, my mother decided to keep it for me, she said I would want it again, and was she right or what!
When I now look at the artwork I did, whether it was still-life drawings, portraits, paintings, a variety of things, I actually feel quite impressed with myself! I'm glad my mother kept it all for me! Thanks Mum!So, I have decided to extract a few pieces of my old artwork and to update them! Firstly (and probably most obvious), is this fashion drawing/mixed media piece I did when I was about 17. I always tried to incorporate Fashion into everything I did which was a bit hard because I had to do it with the techniques the Art & Design course taught such as painting with a chunky brush dripping with acrylic paint... although when I look back now, it had been very beneficial to experiment with different types of media .
Now back to my drawing. I drew her with colouring pencils and tore and mounted several small pieces of tissue paper to embellish the background. The lower right corner is a print out of a gradient that I made in Adobe Photoshop, as it was the only thing I knew how to do at the time. So, 6 years later, and a lot better at Photoshop, a bit of tweaking with the colours and textures, I have now turned her into this!You can't deny that this one is so much better! I changed the colour hue as I felt there was way too much going on in the old version. Also, I remember loving her long, striking dark hair at the time and taking ages drawing each curl at the ends, but now I think it was quite harsh and preferred to emphasize the shape of her body and dress instead. I have also decided to do a couple of different colour hues and offering them as notecards in my Etsy Shop!
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