Sunday, 27 July 2008


Chartreuse, don't you just love that word? I bought these flip flops from Topshop a few weeks ago but forgot to blog about them!... and seeing as I've already shown you a bit of my shoe collection, I just may as well!The colour is completely out of my comfort zone, I don't ever recall wearing or having anything that is this colour, but when I saw them hanging alongside a black, fuchsia and white version, I was drawn to them the most. They're a really cute design and I especially love that the ruffles are leather, rather than fabric and the colour goes really well with my skin tone... but, the sole is so hard! Which thinking about it now, is so obvious to the point that you don't even have to try them on to know that they are hard! I still love them though, and will wear them when I know I won't be out/walking for too long.
I've been looking into buying some Birkenstock flip flops too actually as they look really comfortable and I've never owned a pair, but I don't know if it's worth it now as the English weather is so annoying! Tomorrow is apparently going to be a boiling 29 degrees... but with thundery showers.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Branding my books.

I have been making my ribbon-bound books for quite a while now and they have evolved quite a lot too, although I think the latter is mainly most obvious to myself!
I recently decided that all books I make from now on will be branded! Here is the front of the first one I have done this for:

It is on a two-tone mauve pearlescent front book, with a printed fashion illustration I did when I was about 17 in ink and watercolour. This blog entry I submitted a couple of weeks ago explains how I was using old artwork, and I wanted to do it again! I think I drew each side of the body, shoulder to foot, in one pen stroke, mainly influenced by the life-drawing classes I was having at the time. I remember struggling with proportion, but as I was also being exposed to the stylised, elongated high-fashion drawings, I loved the exaggerated limbs and this helped me see that I didn't have to draw in proportion when it came to fashion illustrations, they could be anything!
So back to my new book! I originally wanted to brand my books with this imagery:...but the size I had to have it at so that it actually looked like 'branding' ended up making my little lady pretty much obsolete and a lot of detail was lost as the card I use for the back and front cover has a special finish. I decided to take her out, and left it with a more simple look! I will probably fiddle around with this for a while, but I am quite happy with it at the moment.

Saturday, 19 July 2008


I recently ordered some perfume oil samples from fellow Etsy seller wiggleperfume all the way from America and got them a few days ago!
I bought samples of Little 5, Honeysuckle Sweet Tea, Coconut Lotus, and Speakeasy Vanilla... all very yummy, both smelling and sounding!!! I can't decide which I like the most yet, I think I need to wear each one for a whole day and see which one grows on me... which will then help me decide which one to get in a bottle!

There are many shops on Etsy that sell Bath and Beauty products so it can be overwhelming deciding which to buy from... but when I came across wiggleperfume's shop, I knew it was The One! The entire shop is merchandised, head to toe, with notions of the 1920's (my favourite decade)... and seeing the Speakeasy Vanilla perfume further clarified this!

I can be so easily wooed when it comes to how things are presented, and this is a huge example of it!

Monday, 14 July 2008

Vintage Goodies.

I've talked about some of my vintage buys twice now which you can read here and here ... and I have some more to show!
From this blog entry here, you can see that I love all things Ancient Egyptian.. so, when I saw this necklace on eBay, I just had to get it. It's one of the most common Egyptian Revival pieces made, I'm certain you've all seen it, but I like to think I got the nicest one!Next is this Aurora Borealis Owl Brooch... that I would never ever wear...

...but there was something about it that made me want it. Maybe because it is just completely ridiculous looking with an overload on rhinestones, and it's quite a big piece too, about 2.5". If it was a cute, dainty thing it would be a lot more wearable!

Next up is a beautiful deco-type buckle with a striking blue cabochon. I'm going to make it into a belt some time soon so will keep you updated with that! And lastly, I couldn't resist this elegant rhinestone bracelet... which is just too big for me!

Friday, 11 July 2008

Lauren Haupt.

Lauren Haupt is the seller behind her Etsy shop locallibrary where I've purchased two pairs of earrings! The first pair consist of three little carnelian hearts in a brass setting that is suspended from two lengths of chain. I've never worn earrings with a French ear wire (you can tell they're different from the typical 'fish hook' style) but they're so so comfortable! ... they also hang very beautifully.The second pair I got are the exact same but with green aventurine. I guess I am the sort of person that when I see something I love, I just have to get them in all the colours! They were also available in onyx but someone else beat me to them!!I don't have a favourite, they're both fantastic and very easy to wear... if you love these earrings, do check her shop out which is filled with very chic pieces of jewellery.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Feeling all chiffon-y.

One of my most favourite online shopping spots is Miss Selfridge especially because their only proper store in London is in Oxford Circus, next to the Topshop Flagship store and everything nice always goes!... and trying to search for something on their Sale rack is always so pointless. Therefore I completely rely on their website to get me the nice pieces for a good price!... so when I got the 'BIG SALE' email about a week ago and went to do some shopping!

After I was done browsing, I went to my shopping cart and saw that there were only two chiffon tops. I was sure I had put more in! Do you ever get that? Anyway, I was happy that I wasn't spending too much as they only cost £10($20) each from an original £28($56) each!

I couldn't wait to get them and when I did, they were so much more prettier than I expected! The lavender coloured chiffon top is my most favourite out of the two, it also has a little tie at the back which wasn't even evident on the website, and makes me love it even more because it's a lot more flattering and softer on the overall shape of the top. I was a bit concerned with what I would wear underneath as I'm not much of a chiffon-wearing-in-the-daytime person! ... but I found a simple white cami top in my wardrobe that suited both.

The ivory coloured one was also very sweet and I completely adore the sleeve detailing!

Friday, 4 July 2008

Embellishing my flats.

I bought these very basic peep-toe canvas pumps from H&M for about £10 ($20) and as they were just too boring for me, (have a look at my shoes, you'll see why I would've found them a bit boring) I bought some cute little satin roses and decorated them! I pricked my fingers so many times sewing them on as the canvas was really thick... but now that I've done them, I could've just glued them on! .. but being a fashion designer, the first thing that comes to mind when you want to attach fabric to fabric is by a needle and thread!They were so quick and easy to embellish, I think I'm going to do a few more just for fun!... and yes, I forgot to take the sticker off!