Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Branding my books.

I have been making my ribbon-bound books for quite a while now and they have evolved quite a lot too, although I think the latter is mainly most obvious to myself!
I recently decided that all books I make from now on will be branded! Here is the front of the first one I have done this for:

It is on a two-tone mauve pearlescent front book, with a printed fashion illustration I did when I was about 17 in ink and watercolour. This blog entry I submitted a couple of weeks ago explains how I was using old artwork, and I wanted to do it again! I think I drew each side of the body, shoulder to foot, in one pen stroke, mainly influenced by the life-drawing classes I was having at the time. I remember struggling with proportion, but as I was also being exposed to the stylised, elongated high-fashion drawings, I loved the exaggerated limbs and this helped me see that I didn't have to draw in proportion when it came to fashion illustrations, they could be anything!
So back to my new book! I originally wanted to brand my books with this imagery:...but the size I had to have it at so that it actually looked like 'branding' ended up making my little lady pretty much obsolete and a lot of detail was lost as the card I use for the back and front cover has a special finish. I decided to take her out, and left it with a more simple look! I will probably fiddle around with this for a while, but I am quite happy with it at the moment.

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